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under my tongue it's really sore, whats wrong with me?
my friend says its cuz i've been kissing my boyfriend too much, but idk. what is it?

Mama Mia
Can be a symptom of anemia so take your vitamins and eat a balanced diet

Ketchup Monster
Are you sure it's not an infected taste bud? Or is it your whole tounge muscle? The only way your friend could be right is by you kissing like a complete moron and trying to hit his tonsels or something of the sort. Might be mono, give it a few days.

Haha, Frank, if you go to wikipedia you can see someone with a yeast infection of the mouth!

well that could most likely be it, depending on how much you kiss him.lol.
it happens.

Richard God&#39;s Fiery Falcon
maybe you have herpes simpex 2. a Canker sore or maybe a cold sore.

See your dr.


rabbies!! is your boyfriend a stray cat?!

haha naww im JKing you!!

Frank D
yeast infection

try kissing him differently and use the other muscles. by the way, your tongue is the strongest muscle in your body!

maybe its becoming a cancker sore... so to the pharamacy for a cancker sore ontiment or see the doctor..

you might have ate something to hot or told a big fat lie

well if you know just ignore it

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