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 right sided headache comes and goes, lasts for a few seconds, but happens often?
I have not had any kind of injury. I am not allergic to anything. I have been to the doctor and she said that I do not have an ear infection.
It does not hurt specifically at any time. I have ...

 Question about Tylenol?
Ive been eating a lot of pain pills with tylenol in it for the past 7-8 months. Recently in the past couple months Ive been taking more and more. Up to 10-12 perscription pain pills a day. They are ...

 Does getting surgical staples removed hurt?
I just found out I have to get my staples from my surgery removed and I'm really worried....

 Why does my hand hit my in my face whenever i close my eyes?
Well, its been happening ever since I watched Halloween ll with my mom. ever since, my hand has just been flying up to my face, and i ont even do it! Mainly what I'm trying to say is that its ...

 does it hurt getting you tooth pulled? I am nervous any advice?

 Would this hurt BIG time?!?
I got the top of my ear (in the cartlidge) pierced last Thursday. It's a little stud so you can barely see it. Can I pull it out really fast and put a bigger stud in it?! The girl told me not to ...

 Does anyone know which is a stronger pain reliever, Ultram or Percocet???

 i nailed my hand to my keyboard, what do i do?
my hand is nailed to my monitor right now, i can still type with my left hand though, its realy hard, i cant reach the phone or anything to get my hand out of the monitor, what should i do now?...

 My 4 year old woke up in the middle of the night complaining about his ear hurting. What should I do? Please?
Please help. It's not like him to complaint about such things so I know he is really in pain. Thanks in advanced....

 A couple days ago, my momma had a tick bite. Now her arms are killing her. What do we do?

 what do i have?
my legs constantly ache, and when I was in kindergarten, my mom took me to the doctor, he siad it was growing pains, well, just a year ago, we went back, and he said he doesn't now what it is. I ...

 scared of NEEDLES??
im getting a blood test tomorrow and im so scared of needles how do i deal with it?...

 Knee pain and cracking noise.?
Knee pain and cracking noise.?
When I bend my left knee, it makes a craking or pop sound and it hurts. When i bend my right knee, no sound or pain but there is a weird feeling. I am 14 years of ...

 stomache ache after i eat? gas ,diarihha,aches.nosies?
every time 4 a few days now after i eat i get a real bad ache ...i do have gas so thats not it,diarihha my stomache also makes a lot of noise wen i get this pain...this last 4 about and hour and a 1...

 y is my wife a pain in but evey 28 days?

 pain while getting up
i am 41. past 2-3 days i noticed a slight pain in my knees everytime i get up. could it be a symptom of osteo or something?...

 worst sore throat ever!!!!!!!?

 how do u stop leg and foot cramps?
i always have them and its getting anoying what is causeing them because i dont really do much........so yea help!...

 Have tried almost everything for Migraine relief. Now what?
Tried: medication, massage, chiropractic, accupuncture, posture therapy, herbals......

 One-sided sore throat with visible infection...?
My throat has been sore for about 24 hours, but only on the right side. The back of my throat is red, and there is visible frank infection (whitish). I have no other symptoms except MAYBE a little ...

the whole right side of my body hurts?
ok so the other day my knee started hurting which isnt to abnormal cause i messed it up years ago playing ball, but shortly after the whole right side of my body started hurt... my right arm hurts, the right side of my back and my whole chin all the way down to my ankle. and last night i had this stabbing pain in my back kinda like a muscle spasms... i havent done anything recently to cause this pain it just occured for no reason... any ideas why?


Call your doctor and talk to them about it. Could be possibly be a pinched nerve

Call the doctor

alien abduction.
they probed the sh*t out of your right side

its because first you have to go see a doctor and second its because your working too much on parts of your body that starts the pain. all you have to do is take some rest.

ya i got nothing, normally if its only affecting the one side of your body you can trace the problem to the brain such as a stroke but then you'd be in the hospital by now. unless its just a tumor hope not, u might need an MRI

Do you sleep on your right side? this could be the cause of it... alot of unknown pains are related to something you did in your sleep. it is very common and i wouldn't worry about it... i cant see how this would be linked to a tumor but....? if this persists for over a week.. i would go and see a doctor. But it doesn't sound deadly to me ;D

you could have pinched a nerve or done a number of things to your back. you need to go to the doctor and get it checked out...ocassionaly you can have whats called a "stinger" and it's wear you pinch a nerve and you get weird sensations and pain usually only on one side of the body and sometimes it will even go numb for a while...usually that has to fix itself but will feel normal in a few days (i had one of these when i was kneed in the face in a wrestling match)

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