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 Is tingling in your arm, hand, leg, feet and sometime head considered growing pains?
Is tingling in your arm, hand, leg, feet and sometime head considered growing pains?

Also my other symptoms are

cannot sleep cause of pain or something (taking talyona pm)

 Can anyone tell me how to relieve the pain of Plantar Fasciitis?
I cannot take any pain relievers or anti-inflamitory meds, they will react badly with the other meds I am on. Thank you....

 My son has scioliosis and is having spinal fusion. Anyone out there ever had this surgery? Any advice?
I am looking for any advice from parents or people who had had the surgery on pain management. I would like to hear your experience. What helped you with the pain etc. Any advice will be greatly ...

 HELP! I have a LOT of neck pain. Does anyone know what this is?
My neck was hurting only when I turned it. Now it hurts all the time and it feels very stiff....

 My eyes hurt most the time.and pushing them in is the only release bet it makes a noise.like crackin knuckles?
has anyone else had this happen or am i causing it by pushing them in.so its like a spiral....

 I'm on Topamax 100 mg for my migraines. Anyone have irritability as a side effect?

 what herbal medicene is good to help prevent migraine headaches?

 Good exercises/stretchs to strengthen lower back??
I'm a 20 year old man and I have some serious back issues. i herniated my L4 and L5 discs about 3 years ago and have had many problems since. I have been to physical therapy and had 3 epidural ...

 I have daily migraines, facial bone pain & a non-specific environmental allergy so severely painful....?
that I cannot work. I've done pain management, various Rx treatment regimens and still after almost 30 years, I cannot find relief. What has worked for you? Or, what are you aware of that I ...

 dr. in west palm beach area for neck pain ?
have mri's showing problems in neck which are causing me daily migraines and serious neck pain and should tension. Have tried over 30 medicines with my neurologist to help. Nothing works but ...

 I am currently taking celexa and clonazepam. If I were to take a Lortab 7.5/500 , will it have a bad reaction?
I am currently taking celexa and clonazepam. If I were to take a Lortab 7.5/500 , will it have a bad reaction? and/or kill me or do something that I dont want it to do.

Hit me up

 Pain in the Postman!?
My boyfriend is a postman, he has quite a big round and carries his bag on his shoulder. Lately, he has been having severe pains and throbbing in his one shoulder. He started alternating his bag due ...

 I am on 50 mcg fentanayl patches for pain they seem to stop working after 48 hours suppose to last 72 hours is
Is there anything stronger or better for long term pain besides the patches iam on thanks god ...

 yes i was wanting to know what imflammation in the body meant and what can become of it and how can you get?
over it....

 Have you ever had a headache on the top of your head?
They really hurt! =...

 is oxycodone and roxycodone the same thing?

 When grinding my toe nails on the bench grinder should I use oil or water for coolant?
I used to bite them but as I got older my teeth became more brittle and my toe nails became thicker so I found the bench grinder with a med grit wheel did the job much better, but the heat is ...

 I am having pains on my left side and it goes from my side to my lower back on the left side?
The pain is on my left side and when I lay down a certain way it hurts....

 How do you deal with cramps in your arches?

 What is scoliosis and is it treatable?

pinched nerve, tendenitis, arthritis, carpel tunnel. what are the differences....?

Long as you have insurance, there is no difference you will be seen by a Dr. please take a seat.

A pinched nerve in the cervical spine can be debilitating, and felt in the arm, hand, fingers. It's a special feeling. Tendinitis is somewhat different, in that the tendons are infected and take a rather long time to heal. Carpal Tunnel can be corrected by stopping the movement that is always made, the same way. Typing this for example requires certain movements, all the time, at the same time.
Arthritis, my old friend, I have osteoarthritis in the severe degenerative stages. It's a feeling that only another victim with the same affliction, can tell you. It's misery to the fullest extent. It's sleepless nights, it's floor pacing while crying, it's asking God sometimes, yes begging, to die. It can be that bad. I take no less then six different drugs for it and my life is surrounded by it. "It" lives within me, and I cry to get out.

different names and different symptoms

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