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 What kind of doctor should I go to for back pain/scoliosis?
I've gone to a chiropractor and it helped but the insurance I have now doesn't cover it. I've had a baby since and I think the strain of carrying a child has made my pain much worse. A...

 my right leg goes asleep to frequently?
does this indicate poor blood circulation? what can i do to stop this condition? it's very annoying.....

 head on >>>>>>?????/?
head on apply directly to ur ...

 what the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

 I know ear cartilage hurts after you get it pierced but, how much does it hurt when you actually get it done?

 Please help, I think I found the reason my neck and Upper back have been HURTING for a week?
Hi, I am 39 years old. I am photographer. Lately I have been taking photos in the sky and I have been tilting my head UP and BACK to get my pictures. I thought it was from dancing and twirling ...

 severe pain in knee and thigh?
hi am a 21yr old girl and i've this joint pain(right knee only) almost 3 or 4 days a week which comes up unpredictably.it persists for a long time and then may sometimes be relieved soon....

 Presribing vicodin to a person in need?
I've been recieving vicodin 500mg/5mg from my doctor for my foot and ankle, Ive had surgery on it...but it seems to get worse and painful, it aches really bad when i stand on it for more than 20 ...

 How long do constipation pains last?
I feel a little clogged but have no vomiting nausea or anything like that. Just a little pain. Please let me know ASAP. email me jvluvsu@yahoo....

 Is it bad that my vein still hurts?
Ok about a week and a half ago, I went to the hospital because I got stung by a bee and they found out I was allergic. So it was my first time getting an IV. They stuck it in my hand. My vein ...

 i have pain in my left leg(lower calf) since 4yrs.doctors not able to given soluation. now what i wll do?
plz give me good soluation for my leg.....

Ever since yesterday in the middle of the day i haven't been able to move my neck to the right side. Like at ALL! not 1 bit and the pain is excruciating! Why is this? I don't think i slept ...

 Recommendation for shoes for a lot of walking?
I just got a job that requires almost constant walking and standing for 8 hrs a day. What would be the best shoes for that? I was looking into nursing shoes and sketchers work shoes. Thank you!...

 Im realllllyyy sore...........?
ahh i just got back from pep squad practice and my thigs are reallyyy sore, any help/ideas?...

 I have had a pain in my upper left arm for days now, what does this pain mean?
I smoke a lot of marijuana could that be causing the pain?...

 what are ways to hurt your hip?
i have a report and i need to explain ways to hurt your ...

 Migraines in young children?
My daughter has a really bad migraine and has been crying for 2 hours straight. She screams when I put cool clothes on her head and when she looks into the light/anything bright. It also doesn't ...

 my upper legs hurt really bad?
I'm 15 and my upper legs hurt so bad, like almost like I've been using them to much even though I havnt, I just do what I normally do, and there just hurting a lot, like pulsing and yeah, ...

 Do tongue peircings hurt ?
I really wanna get my tongue peirced, but i'm scared in case it really hurts. I got my belly peirced and that didnt hurt me one bit. Please be honest and tell me if it actually does hurt. Also ...

 I have sharp pains that come and go every 20-15 min or so at my lower abdominal area, wat could be wrong?
I start feeling a bit faint when the pain accurs as thought im just about to pass out. and its been going on for about a month or two ...

pain in neck, hurts when I swallow?
I woke up yesterday morning with a sore neck, no big deal I had that problem before and usually goes away within a few hours. well this time it didn't, the pain was so strong I had tears in my eyes. I couldn't move my head side ways or up. and when I swallow the pain is a lot stronger. I didn't sleep last night cause the pain was so bad. I just never had severe pain in my neck before and wonder if I should see the doctor about it . did something get damaged. anyone out there with similar problems? my glands are not swollen. just pain

Are your glands swollen? Feel your neck and see if there are golf ball sized lumps under your jaw, by your tonsils? If they are they could be the cause of all the neck pain. It could be from strep throat, or mono, or numerous ailments. You also could have just put strain on your neck and messed it up. Either way you should see your doctor. In the meantime gargle salt water, and try to rest your neck.

Malik Umer Farooq
Yes I have the similar problem!!! The reason for this that I know is, sleeping with shirt off or wearing clothes in which fan air can come easily. So when I waked up, then I had a fever and slight pain in my neck. Treatment for this disease is this that sleep in such a condition in which you think that you are comfortable. Consult your doctor if its severe.

set on full "auto"
...get an appointment with your Doctor !

you have to poop

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