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 could this be a pinched nerve? this really hurts me!?
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 i have this problem?
when the wheater gets cold my leg hurt a lot
it is like you know when your stomach feels bloated
but try imagining it on you leg from knees down
and other than that my knees hurts when ...

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When my dream was over i woke up...

And my lip ...

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 Can someone PLEASE help me :[?
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 My right lower abdomen hurts when I cough?
Ive had a cold for about a week now.. it started off REALLY bad but that only lasted 2 days then it was just like my nose and what not. Now im just coughing. ALOT. My throat also hurts when I wake up ...

 What can you do immediately for a toothache to relieve the pain?

my left side is killing me! its right under my rib when i laugh or bend over it really hurts! please help me!?

Its NOT your appendix dnt listen to ppl who say that, i think they love telling ppl the owrst thing that they can cos they have nothing better to do.
Now i have th esam thing right now, Is your actual rib sore to touch? Mine is which makes me think mine is muscle.Your can definetly be muscle an did say it is becasue it hurts when you laugh, you use alot of abdominal muscles when you laugh, thats why aft peoples stomaches bounce around when they laugh lol...

Do you have a cold or anything? I had a blood test a few month sback saying iv had mono but not sure when. It cn cause your spleen to become enlarged.Mine wa sneveer enlarged but was still very sore.

It definitely could be appendicitis. You need to tell your parents and go to the ER immediately - there could be problems if you don't. I don't want to scare you but I'm just warning you, don't let it worsen. Or Google appendicitis and look up the symptoms - if they're the same as you read online then go immediately. Best of luck.

that is in the area where your stomach is. you could have gastrointestinal problems, ulcers, or you could have a lung problem. if this continues you should be seen by a doctor.

benny blue balls
There could be all kinds of reasons. You need to go to a doctor. No one can give you a diagnosis on here. Even if they were qualified, you haven't given enough information.

If you don't want to go to a doctor go to webmd.com and use the symptom checker, that would be more helpful than this.

the mazda mechanic
Appendix is on the right side.

You might have damaged one of your floating ribs. Try an ace bandage.

that happened to me it was because i pulled a muscle there

Becky B
It could be an enlarged spleen any recent history of mono?

Does it REALLY hurt when you get up and walk?
Check out this link and read to see if you feel anything like that.
If so... see a doctor!

heres a great way go to the doctor

cant be appendix... dunno tell your mom

Natalie B
You probably need to get your appendix removed. No biggy, just go to your doctor tell hime your symptoms and maybe i'm wrong but that's probably it.

Kelly V
gall bladder mine hurts right now too.....

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