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is it bad to take tylenol or other pain medicines almost everyday?

It is bad to take these pain relievers everyday. If they are actually needed then whoever needs them that much so just go see a doctor because it could be something serious.

Longterm use can lead to liver damage.

Don't exceed 4,000 mg. a day for tylenol

Pain meds are so different there is no one answer for that.

Here's what I take everyday for a spine injury

4x day 10/500 hydrocodone
2x day 20mg. oxycodone
1x day morphine sulphate 40mg.
2x day Soma 350 mh.
plus a few other nerve damage meds.

I've been taking them for about 7 years as part of a pain management program

mama mia
The body can build up tolerance to them, thus you have to take more and more in order to get the same benefit. I have a lot of back pain, and so I try to only take Advil every other day. Also, those meds can damage your liver if you take too much, and damage your stomach if you don't take them with food or milk.

Barry R
I have a friend who takes pain meds at the merest hint of pain... its not a good idea to do that

~Big Benz~
yes its bad for your health just ask the FDA. look how many people they killed with the artificial heart. sorry for getting off subject though but yeah it can be bad for your health.

I know people who take 1,500 milligrams of Acetaminophen every day. That said you shouldn't drink Alcohol whilst taking it. Acetaminophen is bad for the liver, as such, it seems to be a popular way to commit suicide. What they don't know is that it takes a while and it is a horrible way to die. (painful)

Ryan D
4,000mg max a day for tylenol
3,200mg max a day for ibuprofen

I take 400mg Morphine, up to 180mg Oxycodone, 1,600mg Gabapentin, 400mg Ketoprofen, and 30mg of Flexaril a day.

Out of them, the Ketoprofen (similar to Advil, used to be OTC in the US) is the hardest on me - and the one with a 'max safe' dose. Opiods like morphine have no ceiling on safe, it's based on tolerance, tylenol and advil both have caps on what your liver/kidneys can handle.

If you need pain meds every day, you should see a dr, and/or get a referral to a pain management clinic. There are better/safer drugs than what are available OTC, and there may be ways to stop the pain instead of treat it.

I guess it would depend on what kind of dosage your taking. I've been prescribed Lortab 5's for quite awhile now and it has tylenol in it. I'm supposed to be taking it 4 times a day now and that's just 5's. some people are taking 10's. Too much tylenol though can be bad for your liver so I'd suggest asking your doctor.

Unless your doctor advises you to do so, yes. If you are taking it for something like chronic headaches, your body can build up a tolerance for the dosage of medication, and you'll need more and more to have relief. There are what's called "rebound headaches", which result from this. If you have chronic pain, please see a doctor immediately. You could have a serious condition, and the pain may be only a symptom.

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