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does anyone know whats wrong with ...

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daily occurance, wakes me up at night, hurts through the day,...

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 how to find real honest chatters?

 How long does tylenol with codeine stay in your system?
My brother in law was fired from his job until the codeine is gone....

 I have trigminal neuralgia. Any with ideas on how to deal with it?
At the moment the condition is in remision but I know it will come back. The only drug that controls it is carbamazepine which has side ...

 Why do we get headaches? Especially those behind the eyes?

 Anyone know anything about Charlie Horses?
I have been getting a long of Charlie Horses in my legs. I looked it up on the net and a few places said to stop eating banannas, because I had to much potasium. I did and they stopped. When I ...

Brenda W
in medicine is the milligrams stronger when it is higher or lower?

higher. miligrams is a weight, and the more you take the more the effect.

the higher the mills are the stronger the medicine.

When comparing the following:
acetaminophen 325mg tablet
acetaminophen 500mg tabet
Then yes the drug with the higher milligram content is stronger.

When comparing the following:
loratadine 10mg tablet
diphenhydramine 50mg caplet
It would be wrong to assume that the diphenhydramine is five times more powerful than loratadine at relieving allergy symptoms. These are different chemical entities with differing potency characteristics.

When it comes to medication always use caution and remember that more is not always better.

the higher the milligram is stronger.

the medicine is stronger when the milligrams are higher

For the same medicine, more milligrams means a stronger dose.

In comparing two medicines, the one dosed with lower milligram amounts is stronger by mass.

This is somewhat arbitrary as a dose is what you administer to achieve a desired effect.

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