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 I have been waking up lately and my arms and hand are heavy and asleep. What is causing this? ?

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ahhhhhhhhh ...... so many things in live that are strange ahhhhh... so many things in life that are ...

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 What's this pain in my hand?
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 people please help.....this is horrible..!!~!!!!?
im going to become 15...and i still cant have a tablet.....people laugh at me ....i put it in my mouth and drink water...but i dont swallow the tablet...my parents are teling me thats it high time i ...

 how do i know if my foot is brocken?
ok yesterday i droped a huge rock on that bone that sorta sticks out in you foot today i droped a pole on it i ca move it but cant put weight on it or walk on it. is it brocken how would i ...

 what's the fastest way to relieve muscle ache?

 i'm 12 and my right side hurts?
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 Did i break my foot ?
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 I have a terrible migraine, I'm literally in tears do you think they will ..?
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 14 and addicted to crack!!?
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 Terrible pain in legs when walking?
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 i hate pills but my throat hurts! What do i do?
okay my throat hurts & has gunk in it . But i'm Not going to take pills i just can't, any other options ?...

 Pleasehelp this is really bothering me?
I am a 16 year old girl, and well every morning, for 4 years,when i wake up i feel like throwing up..and the pass 2 years its been lasting all day..and the pain has gotten extremely stronger..i cant ...

 My throat hurts aafter screaming. Help?
I got into an argument with my mother and i screamed longer and louder than ever before. I felt a strange sensation in my neck shortly after. Now something in my throat is swollen and my throat feels ...

 Wrist pain. Please answer.?
Basically my wrist hurts. It only hurts when I move it bend it twist it. When I bend it down, I feel a tightening of something in my wrist to part of my forearm. I think its a vein? Its only my ...

i have cramps so bad right now i cant even move what do i do?
my cramps started 5 minutes ago and i am 11 and am still a virgin duhh and i have had my first period already

If it was menstrual cramps and they are that severe for you every month you might want to be checked for endometriosis.

I take it they are menstrual in nature? Lay down,elevate your legs a bit on a pillow. Putting a heating pad on your tummy helps a lot. Take naproxen or Ibuprofen if you have it in the house. They are both anti-inflammatories & also help with prostaglandins which causes the pain. I have 2 daughters who have suffered terribly from cramps. They actually had to take off from work. You also need to discuss this with your mom or much older sister or friend. Take care & I hope you are better soon. Shalimar

I have some questions I can ask to figure it out for you, cuz if you havnt felt that before it can be a whole load of things. You can email me and I can see what is wrong. * to others reading this dont criticize this, I know it could just be cramps, but often other bad things can feel just like cramps*

if there period cramps which Im guessing though your still kind of young but can still happen! lay down with a heating pad on you abdomen and take some Midol, or anything with Ibuprofin in it! some walking may bring releif.....if these suggestions dont work you may need to contact your doctor and get a prescription painkiller. goodluck

le flatulent
Eat a banana. It has Potassium

Put a heating pad,on high, on the part of your stomach that hurts the worse. It takes away the pain, trust me!

Ibuprofen, not midol or tylenol. Heating pads, and put yourself in the fetal position. dont lay flat. Or a really warm bath, make the water as hot as you can stand it, and just lay in there about 15 minutes or until they go away.

Heating Pad.

did you try taking Motrin or Ibuprofen. It always works for me.

are you doing physical exercise? if your are you ll get used to it and itll go away in about 2-5 days

Advil...up to 4 of them.

hot bath.

Stephanie B
It's probably period cramps. You will probably getting your period VERY SOON! I would tell your mom you have bad cramps!!

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