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 Does anyone know of any good home remedy's for chronic low back pain ?
I have chronic low back pain for the past 20 + yrs and I seldom go to the doctor for anything. I have used up all of my vacation time on my back and it still hurts a lot. It is very hard to walk ...

 Weird pains, what do they mean?
Okay I always have the urge to pee. Then I can't go like I only go a little bit. And I have been having these pains in the left part of my back, on my left side, and on my front left chest. When ...

 Pain in ear that messes with throat. It will not go away with any treatment. Any suggestions on remedy?
My mother in law has problems with her ear that hurts down into her jaw and her throat. It will not go away with any treatments. Do you have any suggestions for a remedy for this? She takes way, ...

 Does Having Blood Taken Painful?
I have to go to the gynecologist tomorrow because I have irregular and heavy periods since I was 13. I am 16 now. The gyno may take blood to see if I am anemic, so I am wondering, will having blood ...

 my mom just saw an 82 year old lady get hit by a car what do i do?

 what is a good way to soothe carpel tunnel?
My wrists hurt what can i do about it from home?...

 I am having a knee arthoscopy done. they are putting me under general anaesthesia, do they inject it? ?
I am having a knee arthoscopy done. they are putting me under general anaesthesia, do they inject it? I am 13 and scared of needles.


 Can someone tell me how to help a back pain?
My bother plays football and he was doing a drill where layers run in and hit you with a shoulder pad or something like that.

Well a really big kid went with him and now he has like a ...

I'm having sharp pains in my ribs.
what does this mean?...

 leg cramps?

 whats wrong with me,I get headaches in my right temple everyday !?
I have moments where i cant stand it lasts for 3 seconds max i stand and my head hurts, and it gets blurry. Also i feel nauseous everyday and these headaches lasts for hours at the max. What do i do ?...

 why does Stress...?
make you have back aches and chest pain, my dr said is was soemthing called Thoraic stress??
ive never even heard of it!...

 How can you get rid of Canker sores? or ease the pain?

 is your appendix on the right or left?

 How would a antidepressant ease severe pain?
Like the antidepressant "Nortriptyline?...

 Why does my girlfriend always get such bad headaches right before we get into bed?
Is there anything that would cause a woman to repeatedly have migraines every time she winds down at night? She seems fine throughout the day, but once night falls and it's time for us to get ...

 I have somehow managed to injure my knee?
it hurts exruciatingly on the inside every time I lift it or bend. I don't remember injuring it and it feels much better now that I am wearing shoes with heels. Any ideas?...

 How come i keep getting constant headaches?
They normally are my temples, but still hurt ALOT. What can be causing them? I typically get them at least everyday, usually for an hour, sometimes they are really bad, sometimes they aren't bad ...

 How much of a recovery should I expect from my sciatic nerve problem?
A little over a month ago I pinched a nerve in one of my vertebrae causing an intense sciatic nerve irritation. I have had to take a leave of absence from work because my ability to lift has been ...

 What can I do to get some relief for my aching head?
It's throbbing so bad, I can barely think about anything else.

I need relief! Help!!! Please.......

tony r
do oxycontin and hydrocodone show up as the same thing on a drug screen?

If you take them normally and don't chew them, yes, they will both come up as opiates. If you do chew them they will still show up as opiates, but with a higher amount.

it does depend of the type of screening though...some are far more complex than others, so perhaps just a basic employer screening might just shoe positive for opiods.

john e russo md facm faafp

oxycontin is a brand name, not a medicine, hydrocodone is what is in oxycontin that actualy makes it work.


Well I was going to offer my 2 cents until I read the responses form yellowkay...and hogle29. I can't and any additional information of value other that most drugs they will test for remain in your system at detectable amounts for 30 days. The value or measurement on the test results do however dissipate as the days pass.

Nice explanation guys.

Everybody is wrong here. Oxycontin is sustained released oxycodone or long lasting Percocet without the Tylenol, Hydrocodone is the opiate that is the main ingredient that is in Vicodin, Lortab, Lorcet & Norco both are derivitives of the codeine molecule and both are synthetic, but hydrocodone is a schedule III narcotic where as oxycodone is a schedule II narcotic and is much stronger mg to mg. Now both will show up as an opiod in a drug test if its a lame drug test like at 7 Eleven, but any professional job or government job will use gas mass specrometry and that will identify the exact molecule that you are testing positive for. Sort of like when the doctor does a strep test to see if your sore throat is infected, first he does a quick check to see if it is strep., then he sees which anti-biotic the strep is sensitive to and identifies which drug resistant strain you have contracted. If it was as simple as a yes or a no then why would the company concern themselves with how much as one answer indicated? If they can know how much then they know how much of what! Blood in the mass spec doesn't lie. Just thought you should have the truth.

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