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 What the AAAAAA did I do to my neck?
I turned over in my sleep and must have not moved my head properly along with the rest of me, and the next thing I know, I was woken up by this HUGE crack and then when I tried to move my head I had ...

 For the past couple days ive been hearing a crackling noise in my right ear... what could it be? Earache?
The noise in my ear sounds like when you pour milk in Rice Krispies (if thats how you spell it). It stops every now and then but its annoying its not loud, its just I CAN HEAR it! Does anyone have ...

 why is it that when i stand up and blood rushes to my injured foot i feel excruciating pain for a little?
i sprained my ankle last thursday. the swelling is pretty much entirely gone, however the muscles in my foot are really bruised and areas on my foot are splotched with purple. this is probably the ...

 UGH i gotta work an 8hr shift!?
8 hrs! on my feet. Usually my legs get really tired after standing for 3hrs+, so does anyone have any tips on how to not get tired, sore legs? I cant just start doing yoga or major stretching ...

 Worst pms cramps i've ever had, help!?
so last month on the 14th i started to have really bad cramps, they were horrible and they lasted almost a whole week before i started my period, but once i did start for the most part they went away....

 Taking prescription meds on airplane ?
My husband will be flying to Atlanta in the morning. Never crossed our minds till tonight whether or not he will be allowed his albuterol and flovent inhalers. As you may know or not, inhalers are ...

 Could I have be getting migraines?
front & top of head throbs, usually if I lay down in a dark quiet room it slowly goes away. Sometimes I have to vomit then I start to feel better.
can this be ...

 What can I do that I will not be so tired when I wake up in the morning?
I wake up at 5 am every morning but when I don't have any thing to do I will go back to sleep for 2 or 3 more hours & it makes me more tired But also I'm tired for at least the first 2 ...

 what is the difference between oxycotin, and mscontin?
one dr. has me on oxycotin and another wants me on ms ...

 I get toe/foot cramps all the time....?
What causes them and how can I prevent them?...

 Whats wrong with my fingers?
Everytime I clench my fists my fingers crack and pop I can sit all day and just open and close my hands and they will crack unlimitly is there something wrong with them?...

 Really bad pain on my left side. What could it be?
I've had this really bad pain on my left side all night. I took some pain medicine but that only worked for about an hour or so and then i would wake up from the pain again. What could it be?...

 Please help im in SO MUCH PAIN right now!!?
i have a back pain its in the lower left near my rear end its spreading across my back and it hurts so much PLEASE HELP!!!!!...

 Chest or rib pain?
All of a sudden last night, I had a sharp pain in my chest under my right breast. It extends to the right armpit. It hurts when I touch it, move a certain way, or take a deep breath. I did nothing to ...

 Has anyone tried Uricelax as treatment for gout and if so, does it work?
I cannot find any independent reviews even though there are a couple gout websites claiming it is the #1 treatment, but without real verification. This tells me that Uricelax or a related company ...

 Weird snaps in my head?
For the past couple of weeks I've been getting what feeels like little zaps or snaps in the back of my head/neck. I won't even be moving my head and it'll happen. Doesn't always ...

 How do I hit the pressure point on the back of someone's neck and make them pass out?
I saw it done before, and I've always wondered how to do it....

 Is it weird that i mostly like pain?
Heres a rundown of some of the things i like: spa n kings, bond age,...

 Whats the best way to get painkillers from a doctor? What should I say?
Iam in genuine pain but I got to a point where the doctor I go to never prescribes anything but IBprofen tablets. They help a little but I just need to get by for a month for work. Please help....

 i cant stand this any more?
Iam having a really depressing time. a few days ago , i tried to cut my wrist and send to the hospital. ia m so lonely , i have no friends. all my friends have left and fly back to thtere own country....

can you take pain killers and antibiotic medicines at the same time?

Susan A
Yes , I do all the time..

Yes, most of the time when you have surgery, you are given antibiotics to fight infection and pain meds to help with the surgery pain.

bart man™
yes you can


Yes. They are not the same family of meds and can be taken together as long as they are prescribed for you together.

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