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 how to brake my foot or and leg (no pain would be great!!!)?
just wondering ;)...

 What can I expect at my first appointment with a Rheumatologist for fibromyalgia?
I haven't had insurance for about 2 years, and I finally just got back on it. I've been suffering with moderate pain for at least a year, but since I didn't have insurance all this ...

 I always have a need to hit my head?
Sometimes I would just be sitting or standing, and then have a sudden need to start hitting myself on my head. Not to the point I get dizzy, but hard enough so it will last about a minute. I don&#...

 Can I sue a Dr for writing a defaming referal?
Recently my Dr refered me to a neurosurgeon in relation to severe disabling pain. The decission to refer was due to results from a ct scan that showed narrowing were nerves exit the cervical spine ...

 weird noise when I inhale deeply?
I've had a really bad cough for 12 days(it's like a 24/7 ordeal), and I just noticed that when I inhale, there's a really weird noise like air escaping. Does anyone know what this is? I...

 Persistent diarrhea, what tests are run at the hospital?
I've have diarrhea on and off for the past three weeks. If by the end of the day I do not feel better then I will be going to the hospital. What kind of tests do you think they will run on me so ...

 I just took a flexeril and valium?????? is that okkk?
i wont od will i??...

 can i sue someone who did a damage to my skull?
I did my hair on friday with highlights and a base color but the next days my head hurted alot. I didn't know the reasons until today when my mother checked my head and found out they had burned ...

 I have a cramp in my leg?
How do i get rid of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

 Pain in right lower abdomen...what is this?
On Thursday afternoon my right abdomen started hurting pretty badly. It's like a sharp, stabbing pain. I had a slight fever, but nothing to really worry about. Friday morning I woke up in tears ...

 Help Pain??????????????????????????
ok sense yesterday Morning I cannot breath in deep when I try to I get a Sharp pain ( believe its in my heart) this has Never happened this long before.sometimes my heart starts to beat fast.I took a ...

 why does my head always hurt?
I have had a headache off and on for about a month now. it has been a good month so i know that it is not stress. when i take something it don't do any good. what should i do i have Been to the ...

 I'm 50 years old and I've been having pains in my left side, my doctor has no answer.?
For the past two weeks I've been having pains in my left side, mostly in my arm and at times my leg; from time to time in my chest as well but mostly on the left side. My doctor has told me it ...

 Why of this horrible pain?
Ever since last month I get random pains in my kidneys on both sides. I have read previous questions and they say the symptoms for kidney stones and ever since today i got the iced tea colored urine....

 How effective is Lyrica in treating chronic neck and shoulder pain?
Last week I had a few shots in my neck and trigger points. The pain is chronic and it gives me headaches. The doc told me he wanted me to try Lyrica. I pick it up tomorrow. I just wanted to hear ...

 Severe pain around McBurney's Point...?
Is severe pain around McBurney's Point a high possibility of appendicitis? I was told by a surgeon that I have tenderness and slight swelling directly at McBurney's Point, alongside ...

 i tensed my leg and it like felt weird and got stuck like that and it really hurt really really?
it was like a pain all down my calf but it stayed like that and it happened lastnight and i was nearly crying with how much it hurt, its kind of like when i make my foot go stiff but not lift it up ...

 should i wear a knee brace?
Basically I play alot of basketball and I'm starting to feel pain (that comes back from time to time) in the muscle on the back of my knee. Do i wear a knee brace for that?...

 Why has my head been hurting for like 3 days?
im sick i have a stuffy nose a little cough a lot of congestion but my head hurts really bad on top like a pressure feeling its weird its been hurting for a while now?...

 What did I do to my wrist?
Ok well last night my friend and I were playing around. We were jumping up and down on her couches. I fell and hurt my ANKLE and she got me some ice. Eventually it felt better and I tossed it over to ...

can my pain management doctor track prescriptions from multiple pharmacies?
Can my pain management doctor track if I get another pain medicine filled at a different pharmacy than the one I normally use?

YES and doctors keep a very tight eye on these.sometimes they wright only fill at a certain pharmacy that way you cannot go any other place,

YES, and actually the pharmacist knows too, so a report gets sent out and around from several outlets...doctor, pharmacy, state/provincial healthcare, personal healthcare, etc. You can legally use any pharmacy, but if you double up on the same medication, you can be charged for illegal drug use, lose your medical and your doctor can dump you as a patient.

wow u sound like my aunt

Yes. This is done because some people that become addicted to pain meds will go to multiple pain docs to get extra perscriptions. In order to fill the perscriptions, the addicts will go to multiple pharmacies.

Yes, to track if people are abusing their meds.

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