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jackie g
Will the cortisone shot repair the bulging disk and pinched nerve.?

Casey F
No it will not in any way shape or form. A bulging disc is due to a tear in the annulus fibrosis, AF, of the disc, like the rings of an onion. Within a disc there is a jelly like center part called the nucleus propulsus, NP. When the AF tears the NP can push out into the space around the spinal chord or the exiting spinal nerve root. If the NP gets outside the AF then you have a protrusion. The only way to get the disc to stop bulging is to decrease the pressure on the disc long enough for the AF to line back up and heal itself, which can take quite a bit of time. A chiropractor can help with certain adjusting techniques as do extension exercises. The BEST thing you can do for yourself on your own is to take as much stress off your back as you can. Don't lift or carry things if you can avoid it, were talking less than 5 lbs or so. Jaded, that is complete and udder crap. Cortisone will only reduce the pain. It will do nothing to pull the NP back within the AF. In fact most people who get cortisone shots will only make the problem worse by continuing to do their daily activities as if nothing is wrong, but of course there is. And when that shot wears off the pain will be much worse. If you are going to post advice make sure you know what the heck you are talking about.

No it will not repair it. It will ease your pain from it maybe if not you will need surgery.

Mommy Of 1
No the cortisone shot is just to reduce the inflammation of the nerve that is causing the pain. When the inflammation is reduced you will have less pain/

Spinal Epidural shots can be all you need, depending on the severity of the discs movement or herniation. The goal of the shot is to reduce the swelling in the disc enough so it stops pushing on the nerve and aleve the pain. After the pain is gone, physical therapy or natural movement can often move the disc back into its normal position & the problem is "cured". Or, in case of a disc herniation, the body will sometimes reabsorb the herniated materials and that also can aleviate the pain. However, in some cases the disc is protruding too far for the cortizone to have much impact on the disc and resulting pain. In cases like that, you can either keep with conservative treatment (pain management) such as more shots, pain killers, rest, physical therapy, etc... in the hopes that it resolves itself or get surgery to remove the piece of the disc pressing on the nerve. It really depends on the amount of pain the person is in. My wife had three injections over the past 4 months to no avail and last week underwent surgery to remove some of the herniated disc. The pain relief was immediate and the surgeon is confident that after a few weeks of recovery, she can go about her normal activities with no long term affects. Surgery can be risky (like any surgery) but with the huge strides that have been made in the past 5 years, it is no longer the huge gamble it once was. The lower in the back the herniated disc is located, the better the chances for successful surgery. Surgery on the lumbar around L4 & L5 seems to be fairly common and relatively safe with todays medical advancements. Again, it depends on the level of pain and if it is tolerable long term. For my wife, living with that amount of pain was no longer an option so she opted for surgery. The site for Beth Israels Spine Institute has some good reference material to learn more: http://spineinstituteny.com/conditions/herniated.html as does www.webmd.com. Good Luck! For Casey F: I'm saying that the cortizone can reduce swelling to aleviate some pain. I NEVER said Cortizone will heal the disc. Physical Therapy, etc.. is required to solve the root problem... Rest alone is often not enough Read through a post before jumping down someones throat.... "cortisone medications have been injected into the space around the spinal cord (epidural space) to reduce the inflammation and swelling of the disc herniation, thereby relieving irritation of the adjacent nerves. It has never been certain as to whether this procedure (epidural injection) can actually reduce the need for surgery." http://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=602

No it wont repair it but it will help dull the pain caused by the nerve and disk.

sam s
yes it helped me the shot costs about $160 go to this web site it will answer all of you questions www.spineunvirse.com

If I understand correctly, a cortisone shot is not a permanent fix. It is mainly used as temporary but long lasting pain releif. Many of the patients I see where I work come back after 6 months or so to have another series of shots done. It is usually used to relieve the pain of something that isn't serious enough to require immediate surgery. The surgery will usually be done a few years later.

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