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 Trouble with dizziness after ear cleaning?
Has anyone had their ears cleaned out from wax and had trouble with dizziness afterward?...

 cartilage piercingggggggggggggggggg?
i wanna know how to pierce my cartilage by myself!!! (no piercing needles) DO NOT TELL ME NOT TO DO IT BECAUSE IM DOING IN REGARDLESS!!!...

 I took a percocet this morning at 9am! side effects?
Okay so I took 1 percoect this morning and kinda got really drowsy, but that's what I wanted was so fall back asleep, I slept until 11am! Now I am feeling really nausea when I stand up and move ...

 Migranes?? Please help!!?
I get such terrible migranes and ive been getting them for 3years now(im 16). Ive been to doctors, neurologists, been on trepeline, had 3 lumber punches and been admitted to hospital multiple time ...

 Why has my knee started clicking?
A couple of days ago, my knee started clicking after i bent it. I would bend my knee and then when i had to straighten it again it would click or it wouldnt click and i would get an agonizing pain.<...

 Should I try to lose weight to alleviate knee pain?
I'm at a healthy weight right now - 5'6'' and 132 lbs. My body fat percentage is fairly low - the last time it was tested it was around 14.5%. I used to weigh around 125 lbs, but I...

 what can I do if this person is selling prescription pain pills to people?
It this 50's something man get a lots of pills. he would take some of the pills and when he do he stared to shake and the pills he don't take he is selling them....

 My chest started hurting when I woke up?
When I woke up this morning, I noticed my chest was hurting. Sharp pains when I take deep breaths, but also just normally breathing and moving around hurts too. The pain is coming from the middle of ...

 i have a shark pain under my ribs cages on the left side of my body what could it be?
i have no insurance please ...

 knee pain in both legs .?
hey will i'm 14 years old lol and well like it was thursday or friday like 3-4 days away that i went running for 1 mile and a half i always run the same distance like every week but this time my ...

 how do i get rid of a realllly bad cold/headache?
So my mom is like really feeling bad. She said yesterday she went to sleep with a headache and now its back i guess. She cant even take a pill without spitting it up..she cant do anything, eat or ...

 What can i do for my aching muscles?
I dont usually do loads and loads of excersize i do swimming and tennis and P.E.
I got the wii fit yesterday and i played on it for a total of about 1 and a half hours. and i burnt more than 220 ...

 Spitting up blood, throat pain?
I woke up yesterday and had a strange feeling . I spat and blood came out. I am having throat pain.What could this be?...

 my shoulder has a sharp pain and pops loudly everytime i rotate it. Any Idea what it maybe and a cure.?

 Feeling absolutely horrendous at the minute?
I have aspergers and therefore I go through various obsessions. My current obsession is with the way I'm doing things and me being percieved as an idiot by others and it has gotten quite bad ...

 Can you exercise during a headache?
I have a bad headache today and i regularly exercise everyday, so since i do it like a routine, is it ok to exercise, because i feel like exercising now.....

 I woke up this morning feeling, dizzy, cold, muscle aches, and sore eyes. Please help!? 10 Points!!?
Well I woke up this morning (I was fine last night)

-My eyes are sore, like very sore when I try to roll them back. I get migraines every so often but this one seems different.


 just picked up my hoover to move it and got a pain in my chest?
i picked my hoover up to get it over the safety gate and got a pain in my chest is there something wrong with me im only 29...

 Can Migraine come back after year or so ?
I, Hammad want to know about this that I had suffered from these attacks about 03 to 04 years and in the year 2009 I constantly victim of this.But fortunately after Jaundice(04 months) which end in N...

 My neck/back always hurts !?!?
Ok so at the base of my neck it feels like a weight is just sitting there and it makes my upper back hurt and I have no idea why ? The only releif I get is when I stand under super hot water. I'...

Why won't my back crack anymore?
I'm one of those people who NEED to crack their bones. Everything in my body cracks w/o me even trying, I know it's bad, but if I dont crack it it starts hurting BAD.
Last week, I got a muscle spasm in my back. So I couldn't crack my back cause it hurt to twist, I just couldn't.
Now, the spasm feels much better and I can twist, but my back will not crack? Why not?

Are we there yet?
The cracking sound you hear when cracking your back (or knuckles, etc..) is actually the bubbles in the fluid popping when you squeeze/crack your bones and joints. There's probably just low fluid by now in the joints, and nothing left to pop.

have an xray on your back

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