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 my girlfriend has a headache?
she had one yesterday too now today she said her stomach hurt. i don't think it has to do with her period she still has time. i think its from lack of sleep she get like five hours a night to ...

 Extreme Back Pain, I need some answers...Please!?
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 My lower back hurts and the pain goes through my thighs after walking for a bit?
it's been 2 mons now. but these days is worse. I don't know becuase of weather that is colder and humid or because of extra holiday work at home? is there a name for it? Cyatic??? I don&#...

 what causes a charlie horse?
i get charlie horses in my arches almost every night why do I get ...

 Why is my left hand numb ?
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 Hi, I'm thirteen and my right ball hurts really bad when I touch it. Otherwise it doesn't hurt at all. HelpMe!?
It happened outside really fast when I was playing around....

 Foot cramps? help please =]?
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 Why do i always get charlie horses?!?!?
I am so tired of getting charlie horses. I always get them in the middle of the night. I have gotten them in both legs, but 90% of the time its in my left one. I've been getting them sense i ...

 Is there anything that will make hemmoroids go away?
I am 19 years old 170 pounds and 6'5". I have had external hemorrhoids for about 2 years now. Every time i pass a bowel movement they flare up, no matter the consistency (sorry to be gross)....

 I have a terrible sore throat. Please help?
Alright, I've had strep throat for the past 3 months on and off. Today I woke up with a terrible deep pain in my throat. I automatically thought, "Oh, great, it's Strep." When I ...

 Why so many muscle cramps?
My mom keeps having one after another after another.. is this bad or what can be causing this?...

 Sometimes i have a weird tingling feeling kind of like a small electric shock on the tip of my finger. WHY?
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 Why is my head vibrating?
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 Why does my back hurt? Is there something wrong with it?
I'm 23 and I've been noticing lately that my back has been hurting. If I sit at the computer for a little while and then stand up, it takes some time for me to fully straighten out my back ...

 I know i seem like a baby for needing advice on this, but please no rude comments. Can someone help me pleasee?
Ok, later on today I am getting the flu shot. I am terrified of needles; i can't take them. I have had bad expeiriences (sp?) with shots and different tests and getting blood drawn that has gone ...

 Pain relief for trigenimal neuralgia so I can sleep?
I haven't had this long and am taking Tegretol TID (three times daily). My jaw is still killing me. What else can I do?...

 chest pain, is this serious, please help?
for a while now ive been getting bad chest pains and it's very sore to breathe in and i can't take a deep breath properly, i'm getting out of breath from just walking about the house. ...

 I have this pain in my foot Want to tell me what it is?
My foot hurts where the arch it when ever i walk or put weight on it. Stretching it hurts and helps for a couple seconds but im in so much pain. What is it and what do i do about it?...

 I'm in terrible pain why is my husband so mean?
For the last year I have had severe pain in my right hip, knee and foot. Most days I can't stand or walk more than a half hour. Doctors have been incompetent so far. But I think I've ...

Why when I walk my knee feels like there is a knife stabbing me?
Whenever i am just walking or going up/down the stairs it feels like there is a knife stabbing me constantly. the pain will come and get worse like really intense. I did injure it last summer and they put me through a month of physical therapy but they said it was doing well. there must be something wrong i can just tell. it doesnt feel right when i walk or bend it and it really really hurts. Any suggestions as to what this might be? thanks

Lizzy M
You should see a doctor and have it be checked out, it could have never healed properly

ive had that before you need to work out your legs like running or any type of movemnet answer my question plz http://answers.yahoo.c0m /question/index;_ylt=Avcoym7hYRQHhizDGrIEuCDsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090131162846AAhxKKv

Lidia D
No one can really tell you what it is, but they can give you ideas... You could have your knee cap moved over, and there is rubbing of cartilage or whatever, it is really painful and kind of disgusting. That is what i had/have. The doctor gave me a brace that moves my knee cap over.

Torn cartilege? strained ligament/muscle? Contusion? Broken knee or upper and lower joining leg bones? Inflamation? go to the doctor. They can give you the information and medication you need that cannot be obtained over the internet.

Tessa G
it could be torn cartalige see a doctor

sounds like maybe a torn meniscus, you might want to consult an orthopedic doctor.

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