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I got a cold three days ago (sore throat, runny nose, mild cough) and today my upper gums on the right side started to really hurt. It felt like there was something wrong with my teeth but im pretty sure i don't have any cavities or anything like that...then i fell asleep and woke up a few hours later and my sinuses on the right side were hurting really bad, and now my eye and my entire head on the right side is hurting very badly...my eye feels like its bulging out and something is trying to push it out of my skull. it hurts very very badly and i don't know whats wrong or what i should do...right now its mostly my sinuses and eye that hurt and my gums don't hurt nearly as bad as they did. I've been using nasal decongestant spray, idk if it could be something from that.

Caitlin glas
thats really weird. maybe you just slept on your face wrong?? I've had that happen and every time i get sinus problems its always in one side at a time tho so it could just be that it's a coincidence that you have different things going on and their just all on the same side. or maybe someone beat the crap out of you while you were sleeping????

You may have a sinus infection. Pain from a sinus infection can refer to the gums, teeth, and the forehead and eye, as well as causing a headache. I find that when I have a sinus infection, advil does not really help unless I take advil cold and sinus. But it does sound like you may need antibiotics as advil cold and sinus will only help the pain and not treat the cause. I would see your doctor. In the mean time, drink lots of fluids and try using a washcloth with warm water and applying it to your forehead to help ease the discomfort. Good luck and be well.

I am going through the exact same situation as we speak. I've had it for over a month now. I wake up several times a night with pain on the left side of my face, my teeth and jaw hurt, my cheek especially hurts, and right above my eyebrow hurt. It took me 3 prompt care visits at the hospital to get it to start to go away.
At first, the doctor's prescribed me 10 days of amoxcillin, x3 a day, and although it eased the pain, after being off them for 4 days, the pain came back stronger than ever. I was then put on an antibiotic called a Z-Pack, which is a little bit stronger than amoxcillin. So far I feel ok, but I'm not done with the treatment.
You NEED to get ibuprofen, I cannot stress that enough. Ibuprofen reduces swelling, and that's 90% of what a sinus infection is, is inflammation. All 3 doctor's I saw gave me 3 different pain killers: Tramadol, Vicodin and 600mg Ibuprofen. The Tramadol was crap and not even the Vicodin worked. It quite literally did absolutely NOTHING for my pain. The Ibuprofen brought relief that I hadn't felt in weeks. You can also take an acetaminophen pain reliever with the Ibuprofen if the pain is severe enough. The ingredients in the two enhance the other.
Definitely get a decongestant of some sort. I have the Walgreen's brand and it works fine. Put your head with a towel over it over a boiling pot of water and breathe in the steam. It'll soothe the inflammation and encourage mucus flow. If you have one or can buy one use a Neti Pot. Again, I absolutely swear by it like I do the Ibuprofen. It feels amazing and brings immediate relief.
Prop your head up at least 30 degrees when you sleep so that the mucus can drain instead of staying clogged up in your sinuses.
Put a hot wash cloth or heating pad on the area that hurts.
Lastly, and this is if your sinuses are dry like mine, you can put some Neosporin or Vaseline in your nostrils to relieve the raw feeling.
My absolute number one advice is to get to a doctor as soon as you can because this infection is one of the worst pains I've ever experienced, and it absolutely will not go away on it's own.

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