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 ive just had my ears pinned back and i feel blood coming out of them. is that normal?
also they want to remove the bandages sat so i can go back to work mon but i only had this done a day ago and everything i read says you need to have the bandage on for 2 weeks....has anyone had this ...

 pain in my side?
i had to go to the toilet and as i was going I got an axcrutinating pain even before i got to the toilet i was doubled up in pain it went from my right side of my abdomen right round to the right ...

Anybody know who to talk to apart from GP about getting represcribed co-proxamol like some goverment body with in the nhs. ive asked my gp on several accounts and he trie's to avoid the question ...

 Can you recommend a Wrist Brace?
I broke my wrist quite badly in a RTA 2 years ago. It required 3K-wires which were removed. It has healed very well. However, I have to do some manual labour to bring money in. Ive noticed that ...

 since last night i have had a severe back pain it hurts when i swallow food.?
yesterday evening i was chating on the msn claint and so i sat in an unconfortable position in other for the person i was chatting with to view my face on the webcam, after that i had a shower and ...

 Hip replacement????????
Hi, My mum is going to go in for a hip replacement how long will she be able to walk again? and how long will she be in hospital for? Cos I want to make sure everything is clean and tidy for her ...

 Headache - mostly in temple area.?
I have a pain in primarily the front part of my head, from what I can tell, and I have had pains in my right temple; As I'm writing this I have a pain in my left. I also have had a pain in my ...

 pins and needles?
i keep getting pins and needles in my right hand, and sometimes it goes numb, been going on for about 2 months now any idea what it coiuld be....

 I have a pain in my throat not like a sore throat?
I have had this pain for about 2 months now and no doctor seems to know what it is. I am gargking aspirin at the moment but nothing is helping. It's not sore, it is a pain constantly. mostly ...

 Pains and weakness?
I have the past week or so I have been getting pains in my lower back. Also, my legs feel weak and tired all the time. Today, I have been getting pains in both my wrists which come and go and have ...

 Relaxation techniques?
Relaxation techniques? i am feeling very anxious at the minute dont want to take anything need some ideas of how to relax and stop worring about every thing any help would be much appriecated ...

 i keep getting cramp, how do i stop it?
i get them in my arms legs and neck, not a clue why!...

 why do i have bad pain in my lower left abdoman?
i have realy bad pain in my lower left abdomen and backache also my left leg keeps going numb....

 Should i continue to exercise if it causes me joint pains?
After walking i'm in quite a lot of pain, hip joints, leg joints, it so bad that it's painful to walk for a few days afterwards.... This isn't muscular, but joint pain......

 What age do you have to be in the UK to buy analgesics in supermarkets? Is it 16 or 18?
analgesics ie. Ibuprofen, ...

 i had a pain 2day on my left side of my body when i would breath, now that i have eating it has got worse?
the pain is constantly there now, and the same when i am breathing....

 So after back surgery three years ago for compressed discs I've now discovered my bottom two discs?
are now worn also i have arthritis in the right hip and joint. What do you take for your arthritis..I do not want steriods and surely there must be an alternative? Self inflicted due to carrying ...

 painful thumbs!!?
hi all..for the past few years ive always seemed to get painful thumbs and the surrounding area, they constantly click aswell, apparently it 'muscle overriding bone'..is there anything i ...

 I had general anaesthetic for an exploratory and biopsy hysteroscopy and am still very poorly. Has anyone?
suffered similar, please? I am feeling really terrible. I felt fine after the operation and for a couple of days although tired. Then I got severe joint and muscle pain from head to toe, which ...

 Polymycardiaartritica any one know of it, suffer from it?
a disease of the bones, unlike arthritus the pain is in the bone not the ...

Smoochy Poochy
Why does my shoulder hurt?
For the past 10 years I have had this horrible on-off pain in my right shoulder. I have had x-rays a few times over this period and they can't find anything wrong. It aches terribly inside the rounded part of my shoulder and I can't lift my arm further then half way, it will stay like this for about 3 weeks then suddenly dissapear. It will stay away for 3 or 4 months and then suddenly come back it's been doing it for years, I have to go to the doctor for strong pain killers each time, then I get sent for x-rays and they come back clear. I have had a few different GP's over the years and none have been able to tell me what's wrong.

Imok R
You've probably got a problem with the soft tissues of the shoulder, most likely the tendons or muscles. This is why the X rays are always normal because normal X rays usually do not show soft tissue problems in the shoulder region. Often shoulder problems like yours arise from what is called the rotator cuff, a covering of muscles and ligaments which surround the bone at the top of the arm . You best chance of finding out what causes the problem is the see an orthopaedic surgeon and possibly have a scan of your shoulder region. It's impossible to be sure from what you've described but you sound as if you could be describing an intermittent impingement in the subacromial space but you need to see a suitably qualified doctor to diagnose you.

listened to a discussion about this on the radio the other day. Could this be your problem?.....scroll down the page to the illustrations of limited movement in arm and shoulder. http://www.aafp.org/afp/980215ap/fongemie.html

fleetwood town fc
sounds like tendinitis, take some antiinflamatories, you may also need a injection of quarterzone

My be your nerve

Could be repetitive strain injury. This can occur simply by spending too much time on a PC you know. I used to work in an office years ago and suffered shoulder pain like this constantly. It was definitely from typing all day.

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