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 Pain in my chest going into my back which causes a pain down the left side of my face what could it be ?
Every now and again i get a pain in my chest going into my back which causes a pain down the left side of my face, ive woken up with this pain just wondered what it might be ?
if it happens ...

 When I get up i go dizzy and I go blind....?
I am 13 years old and for the past month whenever I get up from the couch or the chair, I feel extremely dizzy and my eyes turn pitch black and a few days ago I was so dizzy I fell and hit my head. W...

 is it normal to get headaches after you eat?
just wondering as lately when ever i eat anything don't mater what i get a bad ...

 has anybody heard of gout in the hand?

 Woke up with pressure in my head and ears?
I woke up with a headache and then when I got up, I felt this pressure in my head and ears and it's still here. Is it because of how I slept? (2 pillows oO)...

 Back pain feels like someone stabbed me?
So last night in my room I was doing some light workouts bevause I haven't worked out in months, and today when I woke up my back started hurting like heck. I was doing back workout where it'...

 If a person damaged his spinal cord in the neck, would he be able to move his legs?
It's a science question....

 Dizziness and euphoric happiness after taking two Solpadol tablets?
I've been prescribed Solpadol for my migraines, so about two weeks ago I took two of the tablets at break. In the following two lessons, I felt really dizzy and sick and just generally shaky and ...

 Suffering from a Migraine?
Okay, today I was sent home from school because I had a migraine headache, and I'm really worried about it. Round about 10am I couldn't see very well, things like lights were flashing and I ...

 taking antibiotics for gallbladder infection and now have swollen tongue is this reaction to anti biotics?

 Anyone with rheumatoid arthiritis, can you tell me how it is for you?
I'm 38, have an 8 week old baby and have been experiencing pain for the last year, in the the last month it has become much worse and each night I a m scared going to sleep as a couple of times I...

 Why am I SO uncomfortably bloated?!?
Over the last week or so I keep feeling really sick and I am INCREDIBLY bloated. My stomach is usually flat, but is so distended now and it's almost like period pain...except, I'm not on my ...

 what is this Head Massager???
I was in a shop one day and i came across this head massager and it was the most amazing feeling, but i did not buy the gadget. I came back a few weeks and the shops gone. so does anyone know how to ...

 really really confused?
hi. i've been prescribed solpadol for 2 year on & off now for my period & back pain. but just recently i changed clinics & the doctor i seen told me that i was too young to be taking ...

 what is this pain? Should i be worried?
I have been getting a sharp stabbing pain, i think, where my left ovary is.
I haven't been to the doctor yet as they have no free appointments....

 can you mix co codomol paracetamol and ibuprofen?
iv used co cocodmol to treat tooth ache and backpain but they always give me a severe headache so i dont take them

but i have one of those friends who i think makes up health problems and ...

 I head crackling noise in my left ear and it hurts!?
Okay so, Ive been cleaning my ears... a lot lately and once it beld. I didnt know it was bad to do that, so i think i went to deep.
So i woke up today, and i head small explosives my in ears, ...

 Is this much pain normal? (UTI / Water Infection)?
I've had this pain a week now. I'm waiting for a urine test result from the doctor.
For the first couple of days I thought I had a water infection (I had one once before)
Going to ...

 ive had a constant migraine for the past 6 days and getting lower stomach cramps on and off?! Any ideas y?

 Is it anxiety if my pains on my body feel worse when I am worrying about 'it'?

Tashina Desjarlais
Why does my right leg go numb when I sit down for a while?
When I am relaxing on my couch my right leg goes numb and I have to release pressure by moving all of the pressure off my right side to my left side. Has anyone ever had this problem and is it serious. I have extreme anxiety and this has been worrying me alot lately. Please help!!!!

When I had the same sort of problem, I had a pinched nerve in my lower back that caused numbness. I would suggest seeing a chiropractor or at least your family doctor. Usually it's something to do with nerves when you have positional numbness. Good luck!

you could have poor circulation but you need to see your doctor just to be on the safe side. hope i helped. oh, and if you are diabetic that can do it sometimes. you feet and legs are the first to be affected.

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