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 A question about RLS (restless leg syndrome)?
Can you stop the movements or is it impossible? I ask because i was wondering if it's something that starts involuntarily, but can be stopped easily by realizing what's happening and ...

 Is it normal to have pain after cavity filling done for a month?
I had a deep cavity filling done a month ago, the pain eased off in the second day it was filled, but now i'm experiencing slight pain. Is the pain a possibe result of sensitivity to the filling?...

 I've had a severe stiff neck, along with pain, for over a week..I also have other symptoms?
After 3 days of a stiff neck, I started getting a sore throat, followed by a headache and a runny nose. I was told that I do not have meningitis but my neck is in the most severe pain. I don't ...

 Are all of these symptoms because of my scoliosis?
The last time I went to the doctor he said i still had scoliosis but it wasnt anything to be concerned about and that I should exercise as much as i want. This was a month ago but I have been having ...

 I keep getting random stabbing pains on the left side of my waist?
This has been going on for quite a while now, but every now and then i keep getting random stabbing pains on the left side of my waist, it only lasts around 2 seconds, but it absolutley kills! does ...

 please help!! im in pain . seriously!!?
i am a very bad sleeper. as in i move alot. and i always end up spraining my neck.
today i woke up and i sprained my neck my shoulder and i also got up with my chest hurting. they call it a &...

 There is Nothing Worse then this...?
Proposed a Girl whome I like the most. But response I got was "I always treated you as my elder brother"..Agrahhhhh!!! Someone please give a a rope to hang myself hahaha...What do I do ? I ...

 I need help:( please?.?
I'm sick and I need to know what should I take to make me feel better because I have things to do this weekend!.
Please someone give me some good advice!.

 I'm having a slight ache on the side of my left breast?
it just showed up today.
it doesn't hurt. i'm not in severe pain or anything.
i'm just wondering why i'm experiencing this weird sensation.

what could it ...

 Why do my frequent headaches go away when I drink alcohol?
I'm not an avid drinker whatsoever. I maybe drink wine once or twice a month. I've been experiencing headaches on the left side of my head for over a year now. They usually last at least ...

 have a headaches everyday?
I wake up every Morning with a a very bad headache Anyone else have this problem....

 why can't i reach and touch my toe's?
I'm not fat. I'm 5'6, 165lbs, 22yrs old. but every time i reach down to touch my toe's i feel like i'm gonna pull something behind my knee's.(hurts a bit) which keep me ...

 When breath in I have a pain in my neck?
Well randomly, about once ever two months, I get this weird pain on the left side if my neck where it meets my shoulder. What is this pain? Im also feeling it a bit on my lower left stomach area....

 Allergy to Morphine..what happens if i get injured.....?
I had an operation a few years ago and when i was coming around they noticed i was coming out in loads of hives etc after they gave me a shot, but i dont really remember it is so vague. I just ...

 Kidney pain on the left side of my lower back, HELP ?
I'm a 16 year old female. I've had a pain on my left side of my lower back, kinda by the love handles, right where the kidney is. I've had it for about a week or a week and a half. It&#...

 lower back pain, help?
im 17 and when i was shadow boxing my lower back popped and it feels like its sprained.. i need to run but will tht only make it worse?...

 what is the best non perscription medicine for lower arthritis back pain? doans does not work?

 Ive been walking and my legs have been getting bigger?
Well ive been walking for about 2-3 weeks for about 1-5-2 miles a day every day
And my legs have been getting bigger
I want them slimmer and smaller
What do i ...

 My 3 year old son has some muscular kind of pain in his leg at the bottom.?
My 3 year old son has some kind of muscular pain in his leg at the bottom im not sure what kind of pain he has got. he is not crying that it hurts him he just complains sometime i am a bit worried.<...

 What is RSD in the nerves in your knee?
I have had a knee injury , torn tissue, and had anthroscopic surgery. The surgery did not help , and I am still having the same pain as before, along with some new symptoms. I was told by my OS that I...

Gabrielle O
Why does my kneecap hurt when I bend it?
My kneecap only hurts when I bend it up to a certain point. It doesn't hurt when I straighten it and I can walk on it if I hold my leg straight and as long as it doesn't bend too much. I first noticed a slight pain in my knee when I got out of my car on my way to step practice. I put my foot on the ground and stood up, and I felt a pain in my kneecap that felt like pinched nerves. The pain went away as quickly as it came and so I ignored it and I practiced normally. Later on I started to notice that every time I bend down my knee hurt, but yesterday it got unbearable. I must say that I do not exercise very often. I walk a lot because I'm always on the go but other than that I only exercise maybe once a week. I have only been stepping for about a week because its for a special event, but I didn't expect this to hurt me because I would consider my legs as the strongest part of my body and because, when I do work out, I jog. I have looked up several explanations including one that is most similar to my symptoms, jumpers knee. But I'm not convinced because my knee doesn't hurt when straightened and jumpers knee seems to describe knee pain from bending and straightening. Jumpers knee also comes from jumping of course, but in stepping you mostly just stomp a lot. My step show comes up in a week and I really want to be able to participate. Can someone please tell me what is wrong with my knee and how to fix it in less than a week? So far I've just been using a heating pad wrapped around my knee and taking advil for inflammation.

Douglas B
The tendon is tight on that muscle in that area to cause the kneecap to be pulled up on and into your knee to make it hard and painful to bend your knee. That tendon has to be freed up to get rid of the pain but is difficult to do and should be done by one trained to do so. You can go to the dr. but about the most he will do is recommend pain killers so you don't feel the pain and that's when you can do some big time damage to your knee.

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