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 I had strabismus surgery on my eyes, and after diagnosed with diplopia, is this cause my severe migraines?
I also have lumbar and SIJD strain, Im tryig to find the root of the Migraines. Im currently on 100mg of Imitrex, is this a lot?...

 should i be worried?
so there is this spot under my ear.. and it hurts really bad when i move..and its directly underneath my left ear..it hurts when i talk and when i open my mouth at all, also when i smile


 Yesterday afternoon I experienced SEVERE pain in my right arm and is still hurting me today, anyone had same?

 After giving 2 pints of blood, is it normal to get a headache (and still have it the next day?)?

 I keep getting this pain in my ear. It almost feels like a fluttering sensation.?
It also feels as though it maybe draining or something. Can someone help me out on this one?...

 Is there a prescription pain medicine for extremely sensitive stomachs?
Its for my mother who has a torn rotator cup. She's would like to be informed about her options when she sees her doctor later today....

 how can I help my grandmother?
She's addicted to painkillers. She takes more than she's supposed to,buys them off of people (sometimes more than 1 time a day) she can drink a whole bottle of wine with them at night. She ...

 Hip pain I woke up this morning with is still bad. Any suggestions?
http://answers.yahoo.com I don't feel any better and can only put some weight on my left leg. It kind of feels as ...

 what is a leg cramp?

 what causes a headache?

 Question about Lortabs.?
I broke my nose a few days ago and am in quite a bit of pain, I was prescribed lortabs (5mg) to deal with the pain. The bottle says it's OK to take 2 at one time, would that be like taking one 10...

 How long should I wait between doses of Lortabs?

 i have 2 very painful bone spurs in my left foot. Any ideas how 2 help ease the pain? Will they ever go away?

 what is the name of a hip surgry that will help you live pain free without hip replacement ? its very new?
it was on the fox news ...

 Has anyone ever heard of toprol being prescribed for headaches?
If so, does it work?...

 Anybody got any home remedies?
I was doing my homework today and right in the middle of doing my homework, my pinky finger started to hurt! It's muscular so I don't know what to do anymore! This is kind of dumb to ask ...

 What is the name of the conversion chart for narcotics?

 Feelin a lot of pain what could it be?
I have no idea why but tonight my neck is really sore. I also have a really bad pain in my groin. I wasn't really doing anything all tha physical today to have hurt anything it just started ...

 What can be done about buldging disks?
Is there any alternatives to pain management for buldging disks in the spine? I have been going to pain management for a few years now and it works, but I'm really tired of it. I want the pain ...

 Why is the government afraid of opiates??...it is on the banned substance list and difficult to obtain........
wheras 40% liquor is easy pickens at your local store...wtf??...

Why does my head feel like its going to explode?
seriously, I have the worst headache right now, I already took Tylenol

might be a migrane try some Excedrin

You don't indicate if this is a recurring problem or a first time. There is a conditon called migraine syndrome but it has many symptoms accompanying the achey head.


a friend of mine had a bad headache and went to the doctor he was have an anurisem. they were able to save him. my aunt went to the doctor several times with a headache they told her at pulaski community hospital that she had a migrain gave her a shot and sent her home. a month or two of this. then she died something in her brain busted, a simple brain scan would have showed it and she could have been saved.

Mother of 5/Madre de 5
You are under too much stress and your body is reacting? Lie down and rest, do yoga, or clear your mind. If you believe in God, write down all your worries and "send" them to Him. Let him know that you are giving it all to Him and you aren't going to worry about it anymore!

Anjanette A
I am not a dr but when my head hurts like that it is usaually a sinus or tension headache and tylenol won't work. Try Sine-U-Tab or Excedrin Tension to get rid of the headache.

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