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Why does my arthritis hurt worse in the morning and get better throughout the day?
My thumb feels as though its fused and has very limited movement, along with pain. It seems to improve towards the end of the day, only to return the next morning. Also, my Doc gave me 600mg of Ibuprofen but can only stay on these for three days. Is there any home remedies I can do.

Lisa W
Joint pain due to arthritis can be reduced and cured by making small changes in your diet and lifestyle. I found the information at http://aches.in/naturalcuresarthritis.html useful.

The best home remedy for arthritic pain is a natural herbal product called Zyflamend. It is available in health food stores. It usually takes a few days to "kick in" but I personally know 4 people who are now taking it with spectacular results. Good luck.

rheumatoid arthritis really worsens upon arising in the morning and is improved towards the end of the day. you have to balance activity and rest, you can exercise the affected part but not until it hurts. you have to rest during pain attacks.. apply heat or cold therapy on the affected area. heat is used to promote circulation. cold compress is for swelling.. it is also very impt to avoid lifting anything at the inflamed joints.

I don't understand why you can only take the ibuprofen for three days? Ibuprofen is used to help keep inflammation down and to help with pain, long term use can cause some problems with the stomach and blood platelets, but we are talking about years of daily use. Your arthritis hurts more in the morning because it is stiff from the night's sleep, as your body warms and you move around, the arthritis loosens up. There are no fixes, but some things help to soothe, such as heat, use a heating pad or put rice in a sock and nuke it for 2-3 minutes, put a towel between you and the sock as it gets really hot and relax. Warm baths help, keep moving, walking is a great way to keep limber.

Maybe because you're not as articulate during the night. Body parts seem to stiffen if they are inactive for a long period of time.

Mariza M
whe you get up in the morning you are stiff fom not moving all night. as the day progresses you have been moving your joints which loosens them and therefore eases the pain.

warm water along with your meds..PUT YOUR HAND IN THE WATER FOR ABOUT 10 OR15 MINUTES.

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