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 know of a homeless shelter will take pain disabled in california?
cant find one ....

 Whats the difference between a chiropractor and pain therapy?

 shin pain that radiates up to the knee?
My mom has been having severe pain in her shin that radiates up to her knee. The local Drs. can't find any reason why. She has had an ultrasound and xrays that show nothing but a small trace ...

 my kness and calves feel weak and achey,whats the problem?
what kind of tests should i have?...

 wat to do my arm is in pain?

 When I walk long distances, I get a sever pain in my left hip. I am only 27. What could this be?
The pain is sharp and feels like it is at the joint....

 My husband has been suffering from body pain for about 1 month. Does anyone have an idea what it could be?
His pains do not let him get a good nights sleep nor enjoy time with the family and he could hardly work. The doctors have checked his blood for lyme disease, b-12 level, and rheumotiod arthritis. E...

 why is my nose so sore ?
my nose feels sore and i dont wnats wrong and whenever i touch it hurts and feels sore and i dont want is wrong with my nose and i dont want anything to happen to my nose plz help ~~...

 do you get pain medication after having carpal tunnel surgery?

 Sharp stomach pains?
I've got a really wierd stomach ache, it hurts a lot and every few minutes i get a really sharp stabbing pain in my stomach, mostly on the left side but not specifically. It's making me ...

 What is the upmost reason for foot and leg pain?

 What can I do for costant bad but I don't want to say severe headaches??
I get an awful headache just about every day, if not every other day. I'd like to think I get a migrane about once a month but my mother thinks I don't.
(Migrane, meaning it feels ...

 I have a question. well my right foot hurt alot and when i woke up my toes feel numb but i can feel them a?
little bit. then the pain go away. but this been happening for a month now. but the pain go away and come. but when i try to get up i cant walk that much. it's feel like when your foot go to ...

 Where can I get OxyContin legally without a prescription?

 How much less pain will I be after a second surgery on my rotator cuff?
The doctor has deemed my rotoatr cuff retorn and that he is going to clean it out and cut off so the pain will decrease. He said that motion up to arm level will be okay including strength but the ...

 how do you know when you have a bad sinus problem? can you give me?
some symtoms that might need to be checked out by the doctor. Does it hurt does it cause headaches and swollen throat and more. Please help!!!!...

 have a medical need for prednisone. want legal access. I live in Sunnyvale CA. Appreciate practical?
I live in Sunnyvale CA. Appreciate practical sulution. or Point me in a productive search.

 I have painful tendinitis, any suggestions for relief of the pain?

 If I say I'm a fearful type person, what would you say to CONSOLE me?

 Loss of signal in spine at L3-4, L4-5. What does than mean?
loosing strength in both upper legs, from back problems....

Why do my bones crackle?
In the last months my backbone hurts and has this rustling sound.. Why do you think it is, and what can I do against this?
Thank you for your answer

wear and tear on your body is all.

Peter S
Bones usually "crackle" or pop or crack (like cracking your knuckles) because of bubbles building up in the joints. If your back hurts, see a chiropractor. They specialize in skeletal problems, and can be a big help. If you don't get results from one, try seeing another. If that doesn't help, see a medical Dr who specializes in bones and the skeleton.

um,i don't know maybe you should see a doctor

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