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Why do my bones and joints hurt?
For about a month now, my bones (particularly spine and legs) hurt, my joints hurt (knees and arms), and I have been very exhausted. I have no idea what this is. Do you?

drink some milk

Megan M
growing pains most likely you should drink milk

Growing pains, happens to me too.

growing pain

Cameron S
my bones are hurting because I need a joint

sarca s
it depends. You should take Orange Triad. It will help alot.

I have problems with my joints as well. I would go see your Family Doctor because there are MANY different diseases that cause joint pain. Also being in pain will cause you to be tired a lot. Try to take some long hot baths in the meantime, I like to use a muscle soak to help with the pain. Try not to take too many OTC pain relievers because this can cause stomach, kidney and liver problems (extended daily use). Also, you can use a heating pad. Don't use it for more than 30 on each spot. If you would like to try to use ice, alternate it with the heat, but ice should only be applied for 15 minutes at a time. This helps with inflamation, and could help the pain.

Tom M
possibly suffer from anemia!

i would consult your doctor immediately

its a lack of iron in your blood stream

easily resolved usually

but you will experience acheing in the joints and have no energy if you suffer from this.

Hope this helps

Calcium deficiency can produce achy bones, headaches and moodiness, insomnia, digestive troubles such as bloating and constipation and irritability and moodiness ....... calcium works best with magnesium, vitamins A, C, vitamin D and phosphorus and iron............ so eat more leafy and green vegies raw or lightly steamed .......... they're rich in vitamins A and C and calcium and magnesium and iron and get 10 - 15 mins per day of safe sun exposure (vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin).

Take a multi B complex supplement also to soothe your stress and help with the stress your body is enduring ...... vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) part of that complex has been shown to help alleviate any cramping you may be having ..... it will also help with alleviating nausea, reduce dry mouth and excessive sweating and urination ........... don't buy any of the B complex of vitamins individually but rather as a whole group as they all work best synergistically (together).

Things that can rob you of your precious calcium supplies are sodas, pop and soft drinks, caffeine containing drinks such as coffee and tea, otc cold and flu meds like aspirin, antacids, tobacco and corticosteroid drugs.

Actually all carbonated drinks ..... even soda water ... are high in phosphorus and will rob you of your calcium supplies by overloading your phophorous supplies and leading to calcium being leached from your bones in an effort to rebalance the equation.

yes drinking milk would help ........ milk fortified with vitamin D that is ... and that would be dependant of course on you being able to tolerate milk and dairy products ....... i'm lactose intolerant and i think milk is icky icky icky ...... it makes me feel so very sick.

take a vitamin D3 homeopathic supplement daily if you don't get enough safe sun exposure ....... everything hinges on enough vitamin D supplies in your body.

iron relies on calcium, B6 (pyridoxine) and B12 (cobalamin) and vitamin D for effective absorption so a deficiency in vitamin D .... or any of the others for that matter would inhibit iron absorption and produce fatigue and exhaustion, dizzy spells, excessive feelings of being cold, paleness of skin.

take care of you.

peace baby

Definitely see your regular doctor about this and he or she will recommend a specialist. You could have rheumatoid arthritis. A friend of mine had similar symptoms, but he was in extreme pain. Don't wait too long to find out what it is. It could be nothing, but it's important to see a doctor as soon as you can.

arthritis perhaps maybe you're lacking vitamins like calcium and vitamin D

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