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Why do my arms go numb?
For the past year, maybe longer, my arms from my elbows down to my hands would go numb when I slept. Now, worse then it ever was, is going numb 3 or 4 times a night, having me wake up every time. On tuesday of this week, my arms were numb as usual when I woke up but my right arm hurt too. Throughout the morning I would get these sharp pains going from my elbow shooting down towards my hand on my right arm. That was the only time I experienced the sharp pains. I'm starting to notice more stiffness in my fingers and wrists, they are cracking more then usual. I went to a doctor about a year or so back, and he said it could be Cubitle Tunnel Syndrome, but he said I was too young to tell. I'm almost twenty now, I want to say that I was almost 19 when I went to the doctor. This is the worst thing to feel every night, and I'm afraid somethings gonna go wrong with my arms if I don't get this treated.
Any Clues?

I don't have insurance as of the end of this month, way to go economy, so I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to go to the doctor anytime soon.

Could this become a serious problem if I don't get help/what are the typical treatments?

Also- Its not only when I sleep, this is just when it mainly occurs. if I bend my arm all the way and hold it for 5 seconds, I can feel the tingling start.

yes this is very dangerouse and i think u should go see ur doctor. cuz i know a friend that was like that and never went to a doctor. know she cant never move her arms. they stay numb all the time know and she cant move them or feel them and the pain is so bad its like someone stabbing u . so i think u should go to the doctor. i hope u feel better. and i hope i helped u.
go to the doctor

sounds like a pinched nerve in the neck area...a chiropractor should be able to help.

I believe it's because you're not getting enough blood.

Jeff S
Its probably from sleeping on your arms and cutting off your blood supply. Doctor sounds like a good idea.

I have the same problem. My doctor says that it is carpal tunnel syndrome. I'm not sure if I believe it though. It sure is annoying! Mine started when I was pregnant and never went away.

ted j
Sounds like diabetes. Diabetes causes problems with circulation. Check your blood sugar. Avoid sugar. The county hospital has programs for people with no insurance.

I'm mostly in agreement with Tonster. It is very likely a circulation problem. If you have a way to get it looked at by an accupuncturist or a chiropractor, I think that would be the best way to go.

More than likely the cause of the pain/numbness is as direct result of the medial nerve being trapped, especially when sleeping. This is called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and can be corrected in one of two ways: wearing of wrist splints especially at night which keep the wrists flexed at proper angle so as not to allow the nerve to be pinched or by having a very minor surgical procedure whereby your wrist is frozen and a small incision is made to open up the pathway of the affected nerve. For long term success my choice would be the surgery!!

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