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 Knee pain question..why does it hurt after running?
So after every time I run, my right knee hurts to the left side. It will hurt after a few days then go away, but after I run again it will hurt. I'm only 15, so it can't be from old age....

 Best pain killer, achilles tendonitis? Topical or oral.?
suffer from achilles tendonitis, and i need to make it through 2 days of a decathlon in track. what is the best pain killer or numbing creams to use to help get me through these 2 days. i normally ...

 Why do My legs curve for? weird :S?
legs curve at the knees, does anyone know how to change that? my lower legs also curve outward... can this be fixed?...

 My partner is a terrible snorer and I wake up many mornings with a headache, is he the problem ?
Ive tried everything to stop my boyfriend snoring and am now at the end of my tether I never get a good nights sleep. What can I do ? Any suggestions ?...

 How badly does hydrocodone make you itch?
I heard that it makes you itch a lot but actually how severe can the itching be? and do you itch all over or in certain spots? (and no the itching isnt from an allergic reaction like many people ...

 Is my knee becoming dislocated?
This might sound weird but, whenever i sit on my knees, (especially when i'm in jeans or tight pants,) My knee caps, like, pop out of place. i hear a pop. And I'm in GREAT pain and I cannot ...

 My healed ear piercing has a ball inside it what is that?

 lower right front neck pain when swallowing, at same time every day?
This started out several days ago as pain when coughing, now it's when swallowing, the strange thing is that it is only for about an hour or two each day in the late afternoon/early evening, ...

 Should i sit out in softball for the season since I have rheumatoid arthritis?
My doctor recently told me I have rheumatoid arthritis, but he says it might have been due to last year of softball. Tryouts are going to start soon, and i dont know whether or not i should play this ...

 How can I strengthen my back or alleviate back pain?
I have naturally large breasts, but I'm small (as in my back size is 34, my height is 5 feet, and my cup size is DD). I believe the cause of my back pains are the fact that my back can not ...

 Im 14 and i seem to be having back problems..could it be cause im alway on the computer and i wear book-bags?
P.S i went to the doctors about a year ago and they checked me for scoliosis and the results came out negative so what should i do???...

 do ankle foot orthotics have to be worn permenantly?

 Instant relief for athletes foot?
I have bad athletes foot! IRS itching like crazy! What common household item can I use to stop the itching?!?! Help meee!!!...

 every morning for the past 5 days i wake up my legs are killing me and iam 14 and the pain is not cramps?
iam also a ...

 Earache, really sore jaw and trouble swallowing ?
Any suggestions?...

 I think im constipated? my stomach is killing me!?
my stomach is really bothering me. I think i'm constipated because i haven't gone since 2 days ago. It's starting to really bother me, its quite uncomfortable. I can't go to the ...

 Sciatica please help! ?
2nd pregnancy, 25wks. And I have a condition already so basically I have a hole in my spinal cord from meningitis as an infant. I get a lot of nerve pain as is but usually ibuprofen helps.. however ...

 Bad Back Pains ,Need Help ! ?
I notice everyday after school ,I get bad back pains .or like juss later in the day my back be hurting . I don't carry no books at school or anything heavy . I'm juss confused on this is ...

 Is it hard to figure skate after an ACL surgery?
I had a surgery on my ACL and Meniscus...and the recovery time is 6 months. :( Will it be hard for me to figure skate when i can go back? And do you think falling will hurt my knee?...

 How any 20 mg oxycontin can be taken spread over 24 hour period?

Why do I have pain around my right hip area sometimes?
Sometimes my right hip area(not bone) hurts. I felt it and it has a muscle there. I want to know why I feel like I pulled that muscle there. Is that normal? I don't think I have arthiritis I'm 14. It is to the left of my leg where a muscle is. It doesn't hurt all the time, just maybe once in a few months. My mom told me it's my ovaries and they are producing an egg.

Cathy F
My daughter and I have this too. Since you are just 14, I can bet that you are experiencing this due to a heavy bookbag and pocketbook slung over your right side.

anna k
I had pain in the hip area ( joint to the leg) I was very worried about it unitll the chiropractor I had said that it was because my lower spine was not alighned properly . he adjusted my back and it was all gone ( the pain ) . before the chiropractor i went to my doctor and he really didnt seem concerned with it . It may pass on it's own if not maybe go see a chiropractor and if it still continues ( the pain) a while after that . . then talk to your physician . if your pain is hindering your walking or if the pain is intolerable ~ go straight to your physician :)

Little cloud
You could have pulled a muscle when you lift up something heavy or sprain it when you twist or turn your body. The other cause could be appendicitis. Get it checked by a doctor.

lisa c
maybe arthritis sounds that way i have it

Goose me
I get that too from lifting stuff and it is radiating from my lower spine being out of alignment.

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