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Spiritual Advisor Wolf
Why Is My Body Going Numb?
Well this has happened to me before but only once or so a year but here lately it's been every single day. Today it's already happening. Most the time it happens at afternoon/night. My body like my fingers, neck, face, nose, parts of my arms, and lower body keep going numb. Not like a numb I can't feel at all...but like a numb that I can barely feel. I start itching a lot too. Forhead, arms, elbow, legs...things just start itching. Sometimes my mouth and throat feel numb too...like I can't really feel what I swallow. To be honest I haven't been eating like I should lately and I haven't worked out in 2 1/2 months and I'm a bodybuilder so it's killing me. I'm just not sure if it's something simple or if it's the makings of something life altering. I snacked when it happened the first time to see if it got any better because maybe it was my blood sugar and I even took a good size dose of sodium to see if it was my salt intake and really nothing happened. Placebo got me by. Any and all help is appreciated folks. And please, don't tell me you have no idea and I need to go to the Doctor...I'll go to the doctor no prob if it continues...but I want an idea. Thanks.

First off, I am sorry about your problem. I honestly believe you need more calcium. Calcium is the source of life for our bones; however, if you don't have enough Calcium in your body, you will most likely will experience weird symptoms: body aches, numbness, and fatigue. If I were you, I would try some vitamins and see how that works out. My sister almost had the same problem as what you're experiencing. Her legs always were numb; however, the doctor told her that her Calcium levels were abnormally low. She began to take vitamins, and in about a month, she began to feel much better. I hope everything works out for you. Once you're well, hit the gym like there is no tomorrow.

poor blood circulation ... try massaging all areas .. also a light exercise

Interesting! This will sound nuts, but it can be emotional. There is a doctor Sarno who's written a book called "Healing Back Pain" - you can get it really cheap off Amazon if you buy it used.

Sarno is a doctor of 'recuperative medicine' - so he's the guy you see after a car accident, and he had to deal with a lot of intractable pain. He began to notice that the pain and symptoms people get don't have any basis in reality - in other words there might be physical damage, but the pain goes on and on in the wrong place.

So he developed a diagnosis - TMS - Tension Myositis (? - muscle inflammation) Syndrome. And he says that people create this in their minds - it doesn't mean that the pain doesn't hurt like hell - it's just that it's generated psychologically. And he can get the pain or other symptoms to subside with just simple learning about them.

In your case, you have massive, all over, symptoms which would be unlikely hooked to any given nerve group. And he does mention some symptoms like yours which he's dealt with. The numb/tingle sorts of symptoms.

Anyway - very interesting. If you have lots and lots of money you can go to the doctor and get tests, but I bet you'll find they just don't know - or you'll get some vague diagnosis of something incurable.

I got a little of that myself - the chiropractor called it "Sock and Glove Phenomenon", but his textbook gave no cause or treatment. Can be you might benefit from chiropractic adjustment - it's cheap anyway.

Also... since it's a nerve sort of thing, you might get some extra magnesium for a while - two pills a day for a week or so - and then 1 pill per day after that - maybe along with taurine. NOW Foods makes a good magnesium pill with calcium, zinc and vitamin D. If you're a body builder you know about glutamine - those amino acids are good things to get plenty of.

Good luck -

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