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 Itchyness from Vicoden?
I have been given Vicoden to take for sciatica in order to sleep through the night. The problem is that it makes me itch and it makes falling asleep difficult. Is there anything I can take to make ...

 My right arm is tingly and dumb elbow up to fingertips and my ankles of my legs are stiff what can this be?
I can't make a fist as well I can't walk well throughout the day because my joints are very stiff. Also my right arm feels like it has ants running all over...PLEASE DONT SEND ANY SARCASTIC...

 what arelympnoids bumpson the neck?

 Small and weak wrist?
Hi, I'm a guy have a weak and small wrist. I feel like my wrist is going to fall of if I try lifting weight. Is there anyway that I can strengthen my wrist ? T...

 Pain In Arm After Blood Pressure Test?
is it possible for test of blood pressure to cause pain in the arm after the fact i have pain in the arm and redness where it was wrapped around it was earlier this morning when i took the test it ...

 How long can TMJ pain Last?
My sister has just been diagnosed with TMJ..How long can an outbreak so to speak last? She is not one for pain medicine so the doctor told her to take over the counter advil. Thanks in advance....

 Why are my legs so soar after waking up??Sure i work but i sleep to rest..?

 Gallbladder question??
I'm 18, and began to get cramps when running about 2 years ago. Until lately, I've always been told to get over them and race through them, and that they were in my head and would go away......

 how come i get a stomach ache when i sleep on my side?

 how do you get rid of cramps?
when i run i get cramps ...

 How can i get help with lortab 10/500 addiction?
I have been taking 40 lortabs a day, I need help getting off of these things before it ends up killing me. This has been going on for a year and a half now and im to the point that i want and am ...

 I have a bad headache that lasts all day in the back of the head, what is it?
I feel pressure in the back of my head and it throbs occasionally....

 I have been diagnosed with no living bone marrow in my legs and most of the bones "from my mid thigh to my mid
calf of both legs have infarcted bone (dead bone) I am a candidate for knee replacement surgery including the removal of the dead bones. What would my prognosis be if I do not have the surgery? I ...

 I have an ache under my left shoulder blade, I think it's stress related. Any ideas on rel if without massage?

 Can anybody tell me what this means?
I went to the doctor today and I didn't get into to see him and the nurse gave me a copy of my x-ray report and I don't know what it all means. Here goes. Six projections show normal ...

 Is there any side effects of taking 50 mg of tramadol hydrochloric daily ?
I don't have a prescription or a reason for taking this things , but it just relaxes me and makes me cool plZ I want only professional answers ......

 I was put on Lyrica 75 mg morning and 75 in the evening for severe migraines, its great for the migraines but?
I have a High feeling ...will this go away after I get use to it?...

 What can I do about this horrible pain in my back and legs?

 i suffer from sciatica which affects my right leg. i have not been pregnant ever. but i plan to be soon. will?
i have sciatica pain during my pregnancy? anyone out there have sciatica and been pregnant what was your pregnancy like? im scared of the pain because you cannot take pain medicine during the ...

 Very strange knee pain BEHIND the knee?
There is this pain behind my knee i've been getting the past two weeks. I thought it would go away, but I guess not. I've been trying to do some research but i couldn't find anything ...

Robin T
Which arthritis is worse? Rheumatoid or Osteoarthritis?

Both. It depends upon patient condition. As far as RA is concerned there is no treatment in the world; but our recent research has enabled us to treat it with 90% success. We treat OA, but our sucess is limited to 50%. Don't get confused with figures, many times OA is more painful!

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease, which means that your body basically attacks the joints. That is the reason that I find it to be worse than osteoarthritis. There can be quite a few complications with it. Osteoarthritis is very painful still and I hope I never have either of these.

The pain of arthritis is very similar, weather its rheumatoid or osteo (both very painful). Its like there is broken glass in the joints. Rheumatoid usually affects young people and osteo affects older people. If u r predisposed to arthritis (Its in ur family) ur will probably get it at some time in ur life. Most people in the western world will suffer some form of arthritis, unfortunately.

They are both terrible. One is not worse than the other. Very painful and debilitating. People have said rheumatoid, but osteoarthritis is just as bad. Instead of fevers and swelling, just turning over in bed you can fracture bones. You can fracture your tailbone just by sitting down. Just miss-step slightly when walking and break a few bones in your foot. God forbid you fall down. You can shatter a hip and/or leg, back, arms, wrists....all at once.

Rheumatoid is worse in my opinion. thats the one where your knuckles (and other joints) get all distorted and extremely painful, few effective treatments and no cure. At least with osteo, it can be controlled with medications and at worst, joint replacements.

They are both painful but i would say rheumatoid becasue you can actually get a frever with it and severe swelling it just doesnt affect the bones you can have flu like symptoms as well

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