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 What could cause sudden mid-back pain?
I haven't worked out in a few days. It just started yesterday. Got a bit better this morning, but now is a bit worse, esp when I breathe deeply or cough. Can't see the Uni nurse til M...

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 Throat hurting unbearably and heart burning whenever I swallow?
Throat hurting unbearably and heart burning whenever I swallow? Here's what my symptoms are: Unbearably sore throat, yellowish white spots on back of throat, heart stings 1-2 seconds after ...

 my chest and arm hurt really bad?
earlyer today i felt sad and started to cry and then my arm started hurting really bad. it felt kinda numb and now my chest hurt all the way down to my figer tips on the left side and i cant lay down ...

 Im tired right now...what can i do to wake myself up?

 How do you stop really bad back pain?
I tend to hunch over a lot because i am self concious. but, i always have this huuge knot in my back. well please legit ...

 Really bad headaches that not even pain killers can help?
My dad has been having constant headaches that motrin or tylenol wont help. He has also been complaining about dizziness and vision promblems. What all could this mean? He also said hes been having ...

 does anyone know whats wrong?
Every time I swallow food or a beverage I have a pain in my stomach. The pain is right below my heart. I have had a off and on fever and been drooling in my sleep :-P. Does anyone know whats wrong? E...

 I have an infection in my ear what should i do ?

 Should I go to the emergency room if this gets worse?
Hey, just to clear things up, yes I am a girl and this morning this severe abdominal pain hit me out of nowhere. It's not like menstrual cramps, those I can deal with and it's not even my ...

 Ive been getting headaches?
Ive been getting headaches EVERY day but they go away... Its usually at school... Maybe its reading? What should i do? What could it be? Im already on stress meds and i know i dont have a tumor, but ...

 does squatting kill your knees?
Well I squat to pick up things cause its better for your back. Your supposed to use your legs to get down and pick up things, not your back. So you also keep your back straight. But squatting hurts ...

 Searching for non-narcotic pain releiver?
I am 26 and I work in a 100 degree kitchen. I have tried all sorts of stuff to combat severe muscle/ bone pain. I could go to the hospital but I prefer to stay away from narcotics for personal ...

 Lower right abdominal pain?
the past 2 days my lower right portion of my stomach hurts really bad, the pain is sharp and the pain is about a 7 on a scale 1-10 ! ive also had a fever, nausea and hot to touch, also hurts when i ...

 i have really bad chest pains what should i do?

 My sister just got a burn on her neck is she going to die?

 Please help me with my pain pill dependence and addiction?
I want to get off my pain pills and need advice.For people that have gone through this,how did you do it?By yourself or rehab?I have degenerative disc disease that is only going to get worse so what ...

 do braces hurt i really need them?
like i have a overbite i really wanna get rid of it and i wanna know if braces hurt as much as everybody says.be honest plz....

Where do you get help for low back and hip pain if you have no insurance?
Could it be arthritis even though I'm only 28? What kind of doctor can I see? It hurts every day, all day and night. Sitting or laying too.I just had baby and told the midwife about it but she said it was normal. Even heard a loud cracking noise when in labor and my son came out with face purple! Did something finally break? Feel lie no one takes me serious. it hurts to even change a diaper. Can't lift anything or I fall foward.

You can get help from the same place that you would if you did have health insurance. Your doctor.

Hi, Let me tell you about a technique that is very powerful and fairly easy in relieving back pain. It is kind of difficult to describe in text, but I will do the best I can. Before I do, I want to let you know that my Father, Dr C Samuel West, D.N. N.D. and Lymphologist, taught people how to relieve pain in their own bodies for 30 years. He became very good at it. There is something called a light-fast-stroke. It is basically relaxing your hand and moving it very quickly, with very light pressure on the body. In your case, it is your back. Now obviously, this is something that would be somewhat difficult for you to do, but if your husband, or anybody else that you trust could help you, I believe that you will feel a difference fairly quickly. You can lie on your stomach and have the person hold one hand still while stroking down the other lower half of your back in a downward motion around 10 times. Then have them hold the other hand still and stroke down the other lower half of your back. Then both hands down the middle of the back. They may need to stroke over the buttocks as well (which is why I recommend someone that you trust). After that, they can sit by you and stroke all around your back with that quick motion, always leaving one hand still on the body. This is a free technique, and I am confident that you will feel a big difference after around 10 to 15 minutes, but I would recommend that you have someone do this for around 30 min to an hour if possible. Please give it a try. This should be done as frequently as possible. If there is nobody that you can trust or that is available to do this, you can stand up, put your hands over your hips (thumbs towards the front and fingers on your back) and stroke one hand down around 10 times while the other one stays still. Then the other, and then both down the center of the back. Try this every five minutes for the first half hour, and then every half hour for the rest of the day. I think you will be amazed. I watched my father put people's hips in place over and over again with this technique. Just a disclaimer....I am not a doctor, so you have to take this advice at your own discretion. I hope that this helps! http://www.stressanxietyrelax.com/

Anne K West Ph.D.
Hi, If you don't have insurance, don't worry. Most doctors are terrible in discovering the cause of chronic pain anyway. Low back and hip pain are typically caused by an inflamed sciatic nerve. This nerve comes out of your spine in your low back, runs down both buttocks (underneath some pretty big muscles), runs down the outside of both legs all the way to your feet. Many, many people suffer from low back, hip, and buttock pain caused by the sciatic nerve. It could be that during birth your back went out a little bit and caused this flare-up, but now that the pain has become chronic, what do you do? Sciatic pain is easy to relieve using 2 methods: 1. massage - if you can afford it, get a good deep tissue massage, concentrating on relieving sciatic pain at least once a week for awhile. 2. if you can't afford massage, you will have to use the power of your mind to heal it, which is much easier than you may think. Dr. John E. Sarno found the almost 90% of his patients were able to heal themselves from chronic pain using only MindBody techniques. Often, when faced with feelings like anger or resentment that we can't handle, our unconscious mind stuffs these feelings into our body, creating pain.

How long ago with your baby born? And, has the pain gotten better since your baby was born? If your baby is 4 to 6 weeks old you should be noticing some improvement if the problem is muscle strain or other things associated with childbirth. If it has been that long and you're not getting better you need to get in for xrays of your hip and back, even if you don't have insurance. There are some causes of hip pain that should not be ignored. You may also have injured a disc in your back causing pain radiating into your hip. This may need to be evaluated with an MRI. The bottom line is that if this has been going on for several weeks and not showing signs of improvement you need to get it to see a doctor and be evaluated. He can order the appropriate tests to find out what is going on and start you on treatment program to stop your pain so you can take care of your baby. You can read more about back and hip pain at: http://www.living-with-back-pain.org/lower-back-hip-pain.html Good Luck, and let me know how you are doing. Dave oolbp@living-with-back-pain.org/

The onset of arthritis could have started about the time you gave birth or it may have brought it on. It's not normal, that's for sure. I don't think anything broke. You have "spurs" on your cervical vertebrae that stick out and sometimes these will rub over one another giving it a "cracking " sound, if these become unbearable and start causing pain they will operate and simple cut them down. You may have a slipped disc, a rubbing disc. A bulging disc, there could be so many problems with a disc that you will eventually have to see a good orthopedic surgeon and get MRI's or X-Rays to see what's going on in there.

about it you can get information from here http://fdoctors24.notlong.com/6AA8ohO

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