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Whats the best way to get painkillers from a doctor? What should I say?
Iam in genuine pain but I got to a point where the doctor I go to never prescribes anything but IBprofen tablets. They help a little but I just need to get by for a month for work. Please help.

try another doctor?

Go to the ER and they will tell your doc so he can see how much pain you are in.

Where is the pain? If it's in say your foot, you could limp in to show him...

some docs hate to give them out...
so might need another new doc..even if it's on the side...

you can tell the new doc that your old one used to give you vicidans, percocets, whatever.. and most likely he'll believe you and prescribe 'the same'....

I know what you mean. They try their best not to prescribe narcotics due to the rising increase of pain killer abuse. Simply tell your doctor that you have been on a strict schedule taking this Ibuprofen like you should and it is doing nothing at all for the pain. Tell him/her that you hate to take any kind of medication, but you have been very adimit about stopping this pain. Hope that helps. Good luck. P.S. Don't look nervous either cuz then they may think you just want to be taking them to get high.

What exactly is your pain? Maybe you need a new Doctor. Your Physician should be helping you to find the cause of your pain and ways to treat it effectively. Don't go to emergency just for pain relief, they will 'tag' you as a drug seeker even though your pain is real.
Try a different Doctor.

If the doctor feels that you are in enough pain he will prescribe you the pain medication that they feel you need. There isn't really much you can do or say to make them give you pain meds.

There are no legal ways to make a doctor prescribe a stronger pain pill. If Ibuprofen etc is not enough, say so. If the dr is not willing to Rx anything stronger, you are in need of a specialist who is a pain medical doctor and he can measure your pain and assess the need.

DO NOT get hooked on those things, they are Sssoooo hard to get off.

First off if you live in Kentucky you are S*it out of luck because due to the addicts and seekers for profit, docs are not writing rx's for anything stronger than ultram for fear of the DEA harassing them. Those that really are in need have to suffer as well thanks to this mess.

Second if you truly need pain meds tell your doctor that ibuprofen just isn't helping, be honest and be firm. If he still won't write a rx then you need to ask him to refer you to a pain management clinic. If you can afford it, go back to the doc once a week until he gives in and refers you, otherwise find another doc. People should not have to suffer in pain because the government wants to control every aspect of our lives including our pain. Speak up and speak loud until you get the help you need & if you are an addict tell your doctor so he can help you get off the pills the right way by tapering you or referring you to rehab.

Take care & stay strong!

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