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 My ear is killing me. Should I wait and go to the doctor Monday or th emergency?
I have been using warm compresses and taking tylenol. It takes the edge off but it is getting worse not better. My emergency's co=pay is 100 but the doctors visit is 10....

 Dose it hurt the first time you have ?

 Any way to make this canker sore go away any faster?
I get a canker sore in my mouth every month, usually about a week after I've had my...um...PMS time. (Why, I have no idea.) I deal with it accordingly, and though painful, it usually doesn'...

 Hurting wrist?
My left wrist has been hurting and i know its becuase of my workouts. Is there any way to treat my wrist?...

 My girlfriend was in a car accident and...?
Just had to have major surgery to save her life. She just woke up about an hour and twenty minutes ag0. She's on pain medication, but she can't move she's in so much pain. She's ...

 My throat!!!!!!?
OMG my throat hurts sooooo much!! I just got home from school and I told my mom yesterday that it hurt and she said gargle with salt water and drink orange juice and I did and it still hurts!!! ...

Just a few minutes ago I had a stabbing pain inbetween my right hip and right side of ribcage. It shot to the right side of my neck and also down my right thy. I just got it again on my left upper ...

 Points on the body that really hurt....?
Me and my friend we're wondering [after watching tons of action movies non-stop], if by chance you get into a fight with someone, what can you do to seriously hurt them, without using weapons.......

okay, so my friend im chatting with just over dosed on pain killer cuz he had a massive headache. please help!?
i heard if he goes to sleep, he could die.. PLEASE HELP!?!?
URGENT!! i cant ...

 What be a good pain killer be for daily headaches?
I get headaches everyday usually after i wake up. I've been getting these headaches, since September '08. And Advil and Tylenol don't really work, any help?...

 How can you stop neck pain?
My neck always hurts. I force myself to crack it so it feels better. Got any ideas?...

 Carpal Tunnel: Where to go from here?
Im 18 years old and have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel. I have tried wrist splints(which help and the pain is almost unbearable if i go a few nights w/o wearing them) cortisone injections(...

 My wife is horrible pain from bulging discs in her lower back. How can I help her?
She has three slightly buling discs in her lumbar region. They caused some pain last year, but nothing too long term or horrible. At that time, there was no need for surgery.

A few weeks ...

 Restless leg syndrome...restless arm syndrome?
I have had restless leg syndrome since I was a teenager, but lately I have been having similar sensations in my arms as well. Both occur simultaneously. In addition, the uncomfortable feelings are ...

 Help, with back pain ?
Sorry, uhm... I am 14 years old and when i get my period i get horrible back pains and it hurts even when I'm not moving or doing anything ! It hurts so much, does anyone know how to decrease ...

 Pain in left arm from elbow to fingers?
When I woke up this morning, I had this horrible pain so I thought I had slept weird or something, but I never move much in my sleep. It hasn't gone away it has just gotten worse. It aches from ...

 Knee Problems?
ive had knee probelms for a while because i've been doing soccer, gymnastics and dance all my life. since i started at such a young age i overdevelped my thighs and calves leaving my knees ...

 If my shoes bother me Y is it always my right foot but my left foot is left unharmed?
Okay this is probably a silly question. I have always noticed that if any of my shoes hurt my foot its always my right foot, and not my left. Like I just bought a pair of sandels and the tong part ...

 Has anyone taken a good supplement for Fibromyalgia?
I don't want to take prescribed meds and was wondering if someone takes a good supplement that has really helped with managing the pain?

 My feet hurt from wearing high heels. What could I do?
I wore high heels out last night. I already have two corns I am trying to get rid of. Now my feet hurt really bad in the jointed part. I have been soaking my feet for about a half hr in warm water. W...

What do gas pains feel like?

Your stomach can feel "big" You can have sharp pains in your ribs or even chest area, a stomach ache, and even a "sour" stomach can be due to gas. Lower back pain can also be caused by trapped gas

When you breathe in it hurts you start hearing weird noises at your anus you feel full in stumach or chest that kinda thing

more like your stomach hurrts. less feeling in the chest

Gas pains are usually isolated to the gastro-intestinal system...which I'm pretty sure is located in the lower abdoman. I'm no expert, but when I have had gas pains a couple of times. It's a brutle bloated feeling, sometimes it feels like a bubble is in your lower belly and it really hurts. If you can pass it (yeah, ok..fart a big lovely relieving fart, it's better), if not it remains an uncomfortable place to be.

Chest pains to the right? Have you been doing exercises recently that perhaps strained a muscle? If you are over 30, you can strain a muscle by reaching for a can on a lower shelf at the grocery store and it REALLY HURTS.

I hope you figure it out, YUCK!

Check it out, of course, professionally, but

If you are having any kind of pain in the chest, you need to seek help immediately. it might not be serious, but it can't always be dismissed as gas pains.

Sharp pains in the abdomen that go away then come back. You may also hear a lot of noise in there with the pain.

A pain in the a.ss

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