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 Best way to lose the crick in my neck?
I guess last night I must have slept in a wrong position, because now I cant turn my head to the left w/o crying out in pain becuause of a sore neck muscle.Whats the best way to ease the pain?...

 Why do my muscles ache?
The muscles in the right side of my neck down to my right shoulder then to my right arm all ache.
It hurts the most when I'm standing and my arm is down by my side.
I don't do ...

 I am having some major back pain due to a disc problem. Any suggestions to alleviate the pain?
It is a bulging disc....

 i get chest pain every once and a while. only when i think about it?
i get chest pain. and when i get it i think about it alot. is the chest pain caused by stress and i just keeps happening cause i keep thinking about it and keep stressing? i had an EKG a few months ...

 Since im going thru my growth spurt ve had pains in my legs. how do i relieve the pain?
Since i play sports im getting tired of my knees hurting and track and field day is coming up for newbury schools. I need answers now!Please?!?...

 Why im i getting these headaches?
I keep having headaches constantly. Sometimes they turn into migrans and i have to leave and go home. I know that its not from stress and i checked and I dont need glasses.
It usually starts if I...

 I have a really bad headache?
I have a really bad headache on the left side of my head. The pain is from my eye socket to about my ear. I have never had anything like this. I woke up around 6am and had this pain so i went back to ...

 Make the Migraine go away!?
I won't go into detail because the light from the computer is killing me, but I have a major migraine. I took Excedrin Migraine about and hour and a half ago and nothing. I need a way to make it ...

 Any Ideas why My stomach feels this way? I have a very dull pain in my belly when I wake up most days..?
It almost feels like things have been compressed in there and then when I wake up and get out of bed, they are trying to go back to normal or something. The other day, it actually hurt all day long ...

 I (accidentaly) swallowed a knife. What should I do?
its not very big but its kind of sharp though....

 My back hurts?
its killing me not sure why i was just on my bed n then outta no where it began to hurt sometimes when i wake up it bothers me but never lke this...i was readin some of the past questions on ...

 What can be causing my legs to shake?
my legs constantly shake when im sitting in class...and when i try to stop them i get a burning pain in my calf muscle..and my knees start to ache...what should i do?????...

 My Dr diagnosed me as having a lumbar strain.?
I have a heaviness sensation occuring in my lower back. Has anyone else had this problem with a lumbar strain?...

 Should I go to a Chiropractor even if I'm not having problems just to prevent future problems?

 My primary care doctor can't/won't prescribe me any strong pain medication for my back.?
I've been having problems for more than six months and now the pain is so bad it is affecting my performance at work and my sleep at night. I've also lost feeling in my left leg due to what ...

 Medical Question - Bones hurt?
Constant pain in right arm up to shoulder and neck and back shoulder blade. Why?...

 could this be a side effect of Oxycodone?
I have been on Oxycodone for about 3 months, it's the only thing that makes my migraines go away. however i noticed that I had a ringing in my ears and my sinuses hurt, this only happens when I ...

 Persistan back pain?
I am 15 and the other day i woke up with a pain in my lower back on the right side. This was a couple of days ago and I still cannot bend over or do any athletic activities without pain. Like I said ...

 my wife is 57 yrs old & weighing 90 kgs,has severe pain in the knees due to arthiritis.?
she also has slight diabetes problem .Pl ...

 I have the worst headache today, and absolutelt no tylenol or anything. what can i do to make it go away?
without any medicine theres no way for me to get any right now im stuck at ...

What can I do to make my teeth stop hurting? I have so much pain every were in my mouth I just can't take it.!?
I just went to the ortho and they did work but all they did is put my first wire on and 4 spacers and now all i can feel is PAIN.! People please tell me what I can do or use to make it stop.!

only thing beside pain meds is to put ice between thumb and forefinger in the V of skin as this redirects the pain brain pattern ..use ice between this area on each finger at least 30 secs. at a time

take ibuprofen aka advil , motrin . It's an anti inflammatory. It should help relieve pain in mouth. It won't get rid of it, but will lessen the pain. Have a dentist in the family.

ted j
give it a few days.
tell ortho about pain.

• Miswak assists in eliminating toothaches and prevents further increase of decay which has already set in.

read more

When I got my braces my mother bought this gel you put in your mouth that numbs it.

use motrin. it realy helps if your over twelve then use the pill

Call the orthodontist and tell him about the pain.

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