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 Is it normal to get sharp pains on your head it feels like stabbing and pinching?
It scares me it started once every 3 months then it was once a month now is everyday throughout the day. I dont know know what is. It comes and goes it will last seconds. Does any one know these ...

 my 11yrs old son woke up with his chin bruised. no pain or numbness. could this be frost bite?
he was out snowmoble riding two days ago. he went to bed with no discoloring and just woke up with it....

 crutches and stairs?
i recently broke my right leg. i'm just wondering if theres a good way of going up and down the stairs with crutches other than sitting on the stairs and going from there because i'm hoping ...

 back pain with a touch of throat problems?
i was doing some yard work yesterday.. including an extensive amount of bending over.. when i tried to eat later it hurt to swallow. my back is a bit sore.. but now everytime i swallow i have an ...

 help, my stomach ulcer hurts.?
it's really late at night here and no store is open. I am having my stomach ulcer crisis, is there any home made remedy, food etc, that i could take to soothe it until i get my medication ...

 pain in side?
My mother has been having unbearable pain in side for months along with diahrea (esp ehen she eats). She has had 2 surgeries: one to her gallbladder out & months later took out an ulcer that ...

 my left side hurts Dr. said show me not hips bone but the bone on side of body what bone is that??

 Can I take tylenol with naproxen?
Im taking naproxen for a swollen knee and it says not to take anything with asprin ibuprofen or naproxen I know naproxen is also a pain reliever as well as am anti inflamitory but my knee still hurts ...

 EMG/NCS does that test really hurt I have to have one next Friday and my neroglist says it is painful.?

 recurrent patella dislocation?
how do i know if my patella is dislocated?
wad are the symptoms?...

 Pain in left side of my head behind my ear, right ont he base of my skull?
Last night I was removing my headband, and touched the base of my skull on the left side. After i touched I started experiencing a small amount of pain each time I touched it thereafter. I...

 Whats the difference?
Whats the difference between Darvocet and Hydrocodone? How do they compare? Which is better? I've been taking hydrocodone would it be wise to switch?...

 I am very worried about my best friend. She takes 10 oxycontin 40mg tablets and chews them just about everyday
I have tried to get her help, but she justs rebuffs me.What can I tell her to get through to her? My brother died from a drug overdose & it really bothers me. HELP!!...

 What other alternatives are there for the treatment of a herniated disk?
My lower back has been hurting for the past 8 months. I started going to a chiro thinking it was because of our mattress. Well the pain kept getting worse and I was bearly even able to walk. I ...

 Has anyone ever taken tramadol 200mg?
My doc just gave me tramadol 200mg becuase the 50mg twice a day stopped working after a year of using it. What kind of side effects come along with tramadol 200mg? Will it make me drousy and sleepy ...

 What is a emesis basin?

 I woke up with a splitting headache...?
Could it have anything to do with the axe embedded in my head?...

i heard that in cancun you can by pain killers over the counter like vicodin,percocet??...

 Toothache! In alot of pain?
got a tooth pulled about 2 summers ago and will ocasiionally get pain on that side of my mouth where the tooth was pulled. I was eating pretzels on Tuesday night and wacked into starting my pain. I ...

 Is it safe to crack your back when you're sick (cold/flu)?
My mother told me once that my father couldn't crack my back because I was sick with a bad cough. Is this true or just folklore?...

What's a quick fix for an ulcer??

john H
There is no quick fix, You can try over the counter drugs to help but you need to see a Doctor, Ulcers can turn in to bleeding ulcers then you have to see a Doc there are drugs that a doc can give you to help with the ulcer..( I have ate Cabbage to help with my ulcer's)

There Isn't Any !!! If You Have Had Medical Attention And it has been Diagnosed as an Ulcer then I need to Know where it is---Esophagus, Stomach ,Duodenum,Illium,Small or Large Intestines,on an arm or leg or your Back Side??? Any Gastrointestinal Ulceration Must Be Treated,Excised,Cauterized and generally treated with Due Respect Because they can get Angry and Bite Back Seriously,as you well Know---When you do what you are not supposed to do around them!!! We All Have Different Degrees of Healing Powers---And We all Have Different Levels Of Pain Thresholds...Your Doctor and Therapist are the People Most Likely to give you the most Valuable Information---Follow their Advice and keep them up to date on your activities and reactions to therapy .Don't Consume Anything they tell you not to.If it is an intestinal ulcer. Learn to relax---Above all--- Acid has a way of Agrivating them---Be Carefull---Signer---JEM

First of all, if you're passing or throwing up blood, get to your doctor ASAP. Get Maalox or Mylanta Plus liquids. These will help coat your stomach. Saltine crackers will help. Be sure to buy the salted ones. Eat six small meals a day. Do not overload your stomach. Sometimes going too long without eating will cause excess acid to build up, causing this. I'm sure you know, to try to reduce the stress in your life.

Be sure to cut out greasy, fried, and spicy foods. Raw vegetables will be hard on your tummy. Stay away from nuts during this time. Both are much harder to digest and will make your stomach hurt worst.

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