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 why do people cut their wrist?
its pretty crazy to me, im sure it doesnt feel good while they're doing it and ive hears some people do it because it helps relieve pain....

Waking up to the room spinning?
About a month ago, I woke up to the room spinning. I shut my eyes, and it still persisted for about 4 minutes. It was eerie and I don't know what caused it. This morning, I woke up and turned my head on the right ear, and the room started spinning again. I closed my eyes and it stayed constant for about 2 minutes. Throughout the day, I've been feeling a bit dizzy and my head seems to feel very heavy, kind of like I can't hold it up very well. Is there something wrong with me? Should I be looked at by a doctor?

Probably you are pregnant

It might be heavy fatigue, but go to the doctor just in case.

have you taken anything that might of caused this?
yes go to the doctor

either you are dreaming or sombody put something in your drink

Sounds like vertigo.  I had it and there is not a lot you can do for it - but go see an Eye Ear Nose doctor. They will test and diagnose you and suggest a course of treatment.  Plus you need to rule out a brain tumor  and ALS

There are like a million things that can cause dizziness, like vision problems, etc. If it keeps happening, make a doctor's appointment with your family doctor.

you should DEFINATELY go to a doctor. it might be that you dont have enogh blood in your head or somrthing like that. a doctor will know best so be dure to go and tell him/her what is happening.

There can be multiple causes. See a doctor for sure. Two things to look for. A bad sinus infection can cause this. Or it could be BPPV - benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. I read a great article on MSNBC the other day on a quick procedure that doctors can do to cure this. I posted the article link

Charlotte B
yes see a doctor! if this keeps happening something can be very wrong...this can be the symptom of many things...its better safe than sorry

Ear problems can really throw you off,,, they mess with your equilibrium in turn sending a different signal to your brain that that from your eyes. And so the spin begins.

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