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 What do growing pains feel like? (not the pregnancy kind)?
Im a sixteen year old girl and my shins, ankles, and back have been killing me. Could i be growing?...

 Why I am getting headache when I sleep on my left side?
but when i turn to right side i feel no headache/ is this a serious problem?

Thanks for the help!...

 what does it mean when there is a pain in your lower back that feels like someone is stabbing it?
everytime i move my body it feels like someone stabbin me in my ...

 Why does it sting under my heel?
I walk normally but sometimes when I step on my heel it feels like I get stung by a needle or so.......

 can i sniff a pain killer with a broken nose?
or is that gnna make it ...

 Does anyone know what the cause could be for pain in the right arm?
Its been hurting for a few days now, kinda midway between the shoulder and the elbow (on the front side).
Thanks to anyone that can help! =)...

What could possibly happen if you overdose for months on cough syrup nyquil etc and nothing seems to change does a person die or suffer in what ways..needa help a friend out need ...

 Right ear went deaf...wtf is going on?
Ok, I'm not sick or anything, but at random times, i would wake up with my right ear deaf.... What are the possible causes of it??? TMJ? Water in ear? I know it's not an ear infection.... ...

 How to get Massachusetts doctor to prescribe adequate pain medication?? For deserving patient =(?
I am a 32yr old male and have been having major back pain for 8yrs now. I have been to the point to where i can not walk or stand. I would just lay in bed and cry for days and weeks on end. I have ...

 Chronic nausea and headaches?
The last 4-6 weeks I have been having major headaches throughout the day which I haven't been able to get rid of. I've tried excedrin tension headache and a generic extra strength Tylenol ...

 I had surgery 2 months ago....?
And it was to remove something that wasn't suppost to be in my wrist (they don't know, but It wasn't a cyst) and I had stitches and everything and it's been like a month and a ...

 migraine or something else?
Yesterday my 13 yr old daughter had something really wrong with her. She had a splitting headache and could not see out of her right eye. Her right hand and her mouth and tongue were numb. I was ...

 Why does the inside of my eye hurt whenever I blink?
My left eye is paining me in the left corner of the inside of my eye and I have no idea why....

 My knee hurts so bad I can't walk?
My knee hurts all the time, so much that it brings tears to my eyes when i walk. I can't bend it out, the only time it doesn't hurt is when I'm sitting with my legs folded under me, ...

 How do you describe SEVERE pain?
I know I hurt too bad to do anything.
Is that what they call SEVERE?...

 In a lot of pain and i don't know what to do?
2 weeks ago i fell down the stairs and since then I have been in Non stop pain. Last Monday i went to urgent care they gave me X-rays and prescribed me Ibuprofen 600. They said there was nothing ...

 Does my lower back pain indicate a fracture?
I feel about three years ago on my back and I never paid attention to it. But for about 2 years I have been experiencing sudden lower back pain. Sometimes it is so painful when I move or try to walk. ...

 HELP Imodium and IBS - D?
For about two years now I have had terrible stomach problems. I have been in the hospital for tests and seen several different doctors. I have terrible diarrhea everyday several times a day. I ...

 Muscle Twitching in My Leg?
For the last past week or two, I have been getting consistent muscle twitching above my knee on my thigh. What is this? What can i do to help it? Is it because I haven't had my daily potassium ...

 Im have a hearing lose in my right ear.Please Help!!?
I think I was born like that cuz I'm deaf from my right hear but I have excellent hearing from my left ear.my parent are cousins so is that the reason i am like that and I'm the oldest ...

Tramadol equivalent to Hydrocodone? Please help!?
I regularly take three 5/500 of Hydrocodone for my back pain, but I am currently out of the country with a coworker this week and someone STOLE my prescription out of my bag at the airport! My coworker gave me some Tramadol he had, which is 37/325. I was wondering how many I need to take to equal the dose I am used to of my Hydrocodone.


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