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 Back pain (scoliosis) and calf pain?
I guess it's another sleepless night for me.. This back pain is getting worse and worse. I have an appointment with the chiropractor friday morning, but i'm in so much pain right now, i ...

 Is a sore forearm good or bad after badminton?
our gym badminton rackets are really heavy in the middle part, and my forearm is sore (not painful). is this good or bad to have sore forearm muscles?

(cuz i want to know if i should bring ...

 I woke up with blood on my pillow?
and i'm pretty sure it came out of my ear cause i cleaned it out and their was blood coming out lol nasty right
but its got me all confuzzeled
I don't know whether I should be ...

 Kidney stones dangerous?
My father called me early in the morning saying that he was at the hospital with kidney stones, the doctor gave him 2 shots, 1 with morphine, he is home now and the doctor gave him some pills, and if ...

 What's up with my finger?
I have this weird way of holding a pen when I write
And it's a real bad habit because I'm all ways getting this lump on top of my middle finger that hurts real bad

I just ...

 Does physical therapy help a great deal w/sciatica?
Well, I fell many yrs. ago --slid down on my side on a greasy dining RM floor @ a restaurant. My back never healed properly. Wish I'd gone to a chiropractor right away, but didn't. HAS ANYON...

 Is it ok to take 1 Advil PM every night?
Ok. I have constant daily severe knee pain due to an injury. I have been on almost all narcotic pain killers my docs can prescribe in the last year. For some reason they have now taken me off all ...

 How to keep my feet from hurting so bad..?
My job is 8 hr a day 6 days a week about a hour into my shift my feet start hurting sooooo bad i feel like they are going to fall off i am a plus size woman i know that cant help any but what are ...

 Should I take expired Tylenol?
It's Tylenol cough & sore throat, the cool burst liquid stuff.
The expiration date says 9/10 which was this September, right? So if it's a few months expired will it hurt me or ...

 What to do when you have a foot cramp?
Someone I know has a foot cramp currently, where it feels as if the muscles are tight and twisted. Are there any ways to fix it or make it feel better????...

 My eyes are stinging from crying?
I cried for 2 hours like 7 hours ago any my eyes are still painful and stinging. How do I get rid of it?...

 Does it sound like I broke my foot?
Today I was running on hardwood floors and I ended up twisting my ankle really hard and now my foot hurts so bad that I can't even walk. The pain is all over the top of my foot and it starts ...

 whats wrong with me i have know idea whats going on?
3 months and still no period i was thinking am i pregnant? well i went to my doctor and i took a pregnancy test there and they told me i was not pregnant and to come back in 2weeks well i did today ...

 What does it mean when your back cracks a lot?
When people crack my back I tend to have a lot more cracks then others. Does this mean I have more stress than other people or does it mean something else like I don't have comfortable sleeps....

 I have a hard time breathing through my nose and my throat hurts when I swallow?
I think it might be puberty or I got a cold from my friend Aren. This morning I had a hard time talking and I had to cough hard or drink water to restore my voice. Any ideas what might've ...

 I have a knot in my leg, how can i get rid of it?
So I was playing soccer and some kid completely missed the ball and kicked me right on the back of my leg. My question is how can i get rid of it ,and what exactly is a knot. Its been about 2 months ...

 Weird pressure underneath ribs? Could it be stress?
I am a 21 year old male with no other real history of health problems. For almost a week now, I have had a strange feeling of pressure right below my ribcage. There are only a few times throughout ...

 Back pain after car accident.?
I've had back problems for a little over a year now. I got rear-ended about a month ago though. Before this, my back didn't hurt enough to go to the doctor. But it's definitely gotten ...

 How bad is getting an IV?
Im having my wisdom teeth cut out tommorow and I have to get an IV as part of the pre-op. Ive never had one before and they look pretty agonizing, so is it really painful?...

 i have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).. what helps with it? i'm just 20! :(?
it is bothering me a lot .. sometimes i can't even go to my classes because of it (the sounds it makes)
please help me ... what could help with it to stop it and the sounds it makes and ...

Took 6000 mg acetaminophen? will i be okay? 10 points best answer.?
okay i took 4.5 750 mg vicodins yesterday 2 in the morning around 10 am (1500mg) then around 2 hours later (12 pm) i took 4 300mg codeine #3 (1200mg) and 2.5 vicodins (1875mg) around 8 pm.
now is the next day and is 7:30 am and i took another 4 codeine #3 another (1200mg) so in total i took 5775 of tylenol will i be okay?

It depends on the person, everyone's capacity for it is different. My bottle says not more than 4000 mg in 24 hours, so you only took about 50% more than the recommended maximum. I think you probably should be fine, but if you're worried, call a doctor or the overdose hotline or something

Mandi Delgado Vargas
whats your problem? why would you take so much medicine? Go to the DR. if you are in so much pain that you need that much, and of course you wouldn't be okay. the damage to your liver could be permanent and if you keep it up, fatal

Wow that is A LOT of Acetamenophen (tylenol)! Also a lot of pain med. Tylenol can indeed be toxic at large doses. It is cleared in the liver and takes some process time there. Too much tylenol can damage the liver. I would suggest you use two reliable resources to maintain a theraputic and safe level of the drugs you are taking and they are a registered pharmacist and your doctor. If your pain is really out of control maybe your medication needs to be adjusted so you wont endanger your health with too much of any drug. Good luck to you!
Karensue RN

guber naculum
Adults should NOT have more than 4000mg per day (24 hr period). Do NOT take anymore today.

I highly suggest you call the poison control hotline, they have the most up to date information and will tell you if you need to go to the ER. - 1-800-222-1222

First symptoms of an overdose include loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, sweating, and confusion or weakness. If you experience this, GO TO THE ER immediately.

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