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 what is a good way to soothe carpel tunnel?
My wrists hurt what can i do about it from home?...

 I am having a knee arthoscopy done. they are putting me under general anaesthesia, do they inject it? ?
I am having a knee arthoscopy done. they are putting me under general anaesthesia, do they inject it? I am 13 and scared of needles.


 Can someone tell me how to help a back pain?
My bother plays football and he was doing a drill where layers run in and hit you with a shoulder pad or something like that.

Well a really big kid went with him and now he has like a ...

I'm having sharp pains in my ribs.
what does this mean?...

 leg cramps?

 whats wrong with me,I get headaches in my right temple everyday !?
I have moments where i cant stand it lasts for 3 seconds max i stand and my head hurts, and it gets blurry. Also i feel nauseous everyday and these headaches lasts for hours at the max. What do i do ?...

 why does Stress...?
make you have back aches and chest pain, my dr said is was soemthing called Thoraic stress??
ive never even heard of it!...

 How can you get rid of Canker sores? or ease the pain?

 is your appendix on the right or left?

 How would a antidepressant ease severe pain?
Like the antidepressant "Nortriptyline?...

 Why does my girlfriend always get such bad headaches right before we get into bed?
Is there anything that would cause a woman to repeatedly have migraines every time she winds down at night? She seems fine throughout the day, but once night falls and it's time for us to get ...

 I have somehow managed to injure my knee?
it hurts exruciatingly on the inside every time I lift it or bend. I don't remember injuring it and it feels much better now that I am wearing shoes with heels. Any ideas?...

 How come i keep getting constant headaches?
They normally are my temples, but still hurt ALOT. What can be causing them? I typically get them at least everyday, usually for an hour, sometimes they are really bad, sometimes they aren't bad ...

 How much of a recovery should I expect from my sciatic nerve problem?
A little over a month ago I pinched a nerve in one of my vertebrae causing an intense sciatic nerve irritation. I have had to take a leave of absence from work because my ability to lift has been ...

 What can I do to get some relief for my aching head?
It's throbbing so bad, I can barely think about anything else.

I need relief! Help!!! Please.......

 I've been getting abdominal pains, feeling like inflammation? Please help!?
They for some reason are on the left & right side of my stomach. Well, i had them this morning for a while, then i ate lunch & they went away. Then, a few hours ago, they started coming back. ...

 Would you seek a second opinion (back pain)?
Saturday morning I woke up with very bad pain in my neck, shoulder, and back. My arm was numb too. Since then the pain has spread to the other side so my whole back hurts and I have been having a lot ...

 My fingers hurt when I play the guitar?
I've recently gotten back into playing the guitar. I'm not that great, still consider myself as a beginner. However, my finger tips hurt a ton when I play. I know I'm supposed to ...

 I have like a pain right behind my navel on my abdomen. Help?
I've had this all day. I've had it before, but it was usually because i hadn't eaten anything, so after i had eaten, it had gone away, but today, it just seems to stick around. It ...

 How To Deal With Severe Pain After Body-Building ?
Well I am a beginner, and as per my knowledge I am suffering DOMS, or muscle fever. Really very annoying and painful. Is there any way to be comfortable? should I take any pain killer?

Q-2 ...

Toes getting stuck?
Sometimes for no reason my toes go stiff and get stuck in weird positions and it is quite uncomfortable, what does this mean?

it means your toes got stuck!! OMFG YOU HAVE CANCER

Whenever I swim for a while it happens to me too. Its called cramps, its very uncomfortable and it can hurt. Everytime it happens put your foot in front of you, put your hands on all your toes and pull it abckwards, after doing that it should go away.

Karen P
cramping' sounds like ;have your electrolytes check it may just be diet related or are you on meds?

Sounds like cramps. Drink more water or something
with electrolytes like gatorade.

I have this VERY MISERABLE problem due to neurological damage in the spine. However, a lack of potassium can cause cramping or "charley horses". Adding apple cider vinegar to your diet will keep your potassium high. I drink water with a tablespoonful of ACV in it every day. Foods high in potassium include baked potatoes, bananas, green peas. or salads drizzled with ACV.

It means that you should go to a foot doctor that is a surgeon. That way he can tell you whats wrong and what needs to be done.

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