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¦ ¦ ¦Purple Rain¦ ¦ ¦
There's a sore spot on my head that hurts when i press on it?
Just above my forehead and beside my hairline, i had just discovered that when i press on that spot, it's sorta tender and hurts like a headache. Could it be blocked sinuses?
I don't have a headache in general, it just hurts when i press on it.
Should i be concerned? I would just like to know what this might be, please no "go to the doctor NOW!!" answers, because i didn't ask this to hear that, i think i am well-aware that i need to go if i had to.

Thanks :)

Dont worry it happens to me sometimes,I get spots that hurt but it's nothing big so don't worry about it just put some soothing cream such as astral to put on it it wors for me! Try it =]

it could be a cyst. Did you hit your head? you could just have a bruise there (whether it looks like it or not)

I think we all have soft spots & that is probably all it is. I have a headache just pressing on my head to try to understand what was going on with you. It will go away on it's own unless you keep pressing on it...if it didn't bother you before you discovered it I think it is just natural...did you know baby's have soft spots in there head that we can't press on? So don't press on.

i had zit on my forehead.
it got me headache.

Louella R
Sinus pressure is the point you are touching and your sinus drains into your throat and causes the sore throat..get some anti histamine and Benedetto too..dry up the sinus congestion and see a doctor if this last more then seven to ten days..you might need a shot too for the infection

Don't press on it, it won't hurt. Problem solved. Done and done.

you could have bumped you head and not realized it or remember doing it, but if it only hurts when you press on it then dont press it silly milly...

Blue Haired Old Lady
Well, stop pressing onit. No need to be concerned. You probably bumped it and just don't remember doing it.

The easy answer is to stop pressing on it.

guy with a keyboard
dont press on it..crap somene stole my answer


I think your finger is broke!!! try pressing somewhere else and if it hurts then yup!!! its broke!!! =P

Dr House farted
Just dont press on that spot.

Don't press on it...

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