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The side of my face feels like its drooping?

stacy c
possibly could be bells palsy, check with your Dr.

olympics junkie
TIA (transient ischemic attack) or mini-stroke, possibly bell's palsy. Get check ASAP!! I had TIA's a number of years ago, & have been treated. No further problems, never advanced to a major stroke. I was SOOO lucky!!! Take care of this!! Good luck.

Freedom of Stupidity
go t doctor's immediatly!

m i 11552
it could be something called Bell's Palsy, only your doctor can diagnose this. Don't worry if it is this it's not dangerous

Is your eye dried out. When you smile does only one side go up. Try to blow out of your lips is just one side going up. I had this happen to be over 18 years ago. I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy. Do a google search on it. I had it a lot of famous people have had it as well. It is not painful just annoying. Go see your doctor. Stroke would be slurred speech and decreased motor skills on that side.

Mini strokes, get your carotid arteries checked.


well, gurl. . .read about bells palsy. . .read more about the symptoms or its signs. . .if it is like the way you experienced. ;)

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