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 The right hand side of my neck and face feels constantly tight & numb, whats wrong?
also my right ear feels slightly swollen inside, although the doctors have checked my ears they have said they dont see anything wrong!...

 What's wrong with my finger? :/?
Last night, I was helping out a mate do up his room, I was sanding his skirting boards when I got about an inch wide splinter of wood under my fingernail, it was agony, I pulled it right out and it ...

 can anyone help?
im 37 weeks pregnant and ive been feeling rather grotty today my bellys churning and i feel sick with achy pains around my shoulders feel like im either coming down with the flu or a stomack bug does ...

 What painkillers should I use for my aching feet?
When I go out and have walked for about 20 minutes my feet start to ache like there's no tomorrow. What pain killer would be best to ease this ridiculously painful ache?...

 Painful lump on chin? Help please?
I have a painful lump on my chin, I had it here about a month ago then it dissapeared and I forgot about it, but it came back 2 days ago and now it hurts when I press on it and its making my gums ...

 Could this be tonsillitis? How could I ease the pain of this, it really hurts?
I have whitish/ yellowish patches on my tonsils. I find it hurts to swallow and I have a sore throat altogether. I would like to know if this could be tonsillitis? And how can I ease the pain on the ...

 jaw keeps locking?
now and then my jaw locks n i have to slightly push it to open my mouth all the way. why is it doing this? iv havnt had any dislocation or injurys to my ...

 Is it possible to buy co-codamol without prescription in the UK?
obviously it would be a low dose but is it possible?...

 i have a splitting headache , but i have only very strong headache tablets...?
would it be ok to take one as im going to be drinking tonight..or is thta dangerous? thanks ...

 has anyone had to stop taking painkillers and suffered a lot doing so?
I have had a condition where my bowel just wears away and bleeds that i need life saving treatment for the past 8 years I have taken morphine and this enabled me to live a near normal life, i ...

 weird aches & pains around left side waist?
I get this from time to time..the last time was prob over a year ago tho... the only way I can explain it is like those flu'y aches you get, its on the left side at the top part of my bum & ...

 pins and needles in my hands?
im 34weeks pregnant and for the past week iv been getting pins and needles every night which is staring to irratate me and keep me awake, more than what i already am. any suggestions what this could ...

 i just went over on my foot and now it hurts what should i do?
I just went over on my foot and now the bone in ankle hurts really bad. What can i do to make it stop?...

 how do u break ur wrist?
just ...

 doing hand relif its good to helth?

 muscle ache from swimming last night...?
What the heck can I do to get rid of it? My waist feels like it's been pulled in all kinds of directions and don't even get me started on the arms! I've tried the bath salts but at no ...

 need to sleep (i have bad head to foot psorisis )?
my psorisis is so ichy i can can not sleep i have tryied e45, aloe vera, all the creams the doc gave me like betnovate dobovate so on and tar i can not do sun lamps because i have another illness, i ...

 Neuralgia my wife is suffering badly?
At various times in the day or night it drives her mad with pain. We have tried hot water bottles and paracetamol but still it starts up again after a few hours. I believe it to be a common ...

 Finger Cracking Knuckle pain?
i have been cracking my knuckles for a couple of years now but recently my knuckles have been aching and hurting, cracking can temporarily relieve this pain but it then comes back. I am now trying to ...

 What can i do about the pain in my legs/thighs?
I have muscle pain for walking a lot yesteday, and now my legs are killing me, it feels like they're going to fall off. I CAN'T EVEN WALK PROPERLY!!!! what can i do about this? A hot bath ...

Swollen gland right side of neck?
Hey all just wondering if you can help me heres a list of troubles: Swollen gland right side of neck swollen gum right side of mouth (at the back only) Headaches occasional runny nose right sided earache headaches Medication: adalimumab injections for crohn's disease Any advice welcome :)

Sounds like an infection. Possibly bacterial. Antibiotics may be your answer. See a physician ASAP. I hope you get better soon.

hi personally if it was me then i would get the dentist to check out swollen gum it could be associated with the swollen gland and you can have your mind put at rest,usually in most cases a swollen gland is an indication of an infection somewhere but sometimes something more serious can be going on.a check up would be wise and if the dentist finds nothing wrong then a trip to your g.p would be the next stop to get some answers but if it were me then i would get my mouth checked first.good luck.

Marrtha Evanns
It could be from a sinus infection that is draining into a node in your neck. Sinus infections can be associated with headaches and earaches and congested nose. Do you have allergies? If your gum is swollen in your mouth, it could be coming from the germs from your sinuses, or could also come from a tooth inflammation such as abscessed tooth. Have you had your tonsils out? It sounds like you really need to see a doctor soon. An ear infection can lead to hearing loss and tinitus and also brain infection. It's also possible with a swollen node that you have mononucleosis, but more likely bacterial infection. See a doctor before it makes you sicker. You might want to see an ENT doctor if this recurs. They may need to do a CT scan of your head or neck.

You have asked this question 6 times in 24 hours - why do you not go to the doctor - that is what they get paid for.....

Swine flu ? Jokes .. sorry .. But it does sound like a cold alittle. Some people like me always get swollen glands when a cold is coming and i also get headache when a cold is coming too.. Hope you get better x =)

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