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 Is it possible for a cyst to move muscle and possibly bone?
In discussing the problem with my left forearm, it was posited that a cyst could be the cause of the lack of tautness in the area of my left wrist. But for this to be the case, the cyst would have ...

 how much tylenol is too much?
this girl on my apartment floor took 3250 mg of tylenol... i told her it was dumb could anything serious happen? whats the limit before seriosness ...

 I have recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia..any suggestions on how to manage the pain and fatigue?
I did not do well with the Amitryptaline treatment. I don't think the anti-depressant properties agreed with me. I'm tired of feeling bad all the time. Help!...

 Can someone help me get rid of a horrible migrane headache?
My head is killing me. I feel like I am going to start bleeding out the ears. There are no pills in the house to take for it, and I have no car right now. My inconsiderate father has a habit of ...

 pain in the lower back, aching al the way down left leg?
anyone know, is it just back pains, or more .?...

 I found a pill need help finding out what it is please?
It is oblong blue and has A 213 stamped on it. If you could help I would greatly appreciate it. I've tried to look it up on other websites but I am having no luck. T...

 ibs relief?

 Lower back pain Help?
What can I do in the mean time while Workers comp send me to the dr again I have lower back pain when I get home and use the stairs Its hurts a bit when I move my right side leg It hurts all the way ...

 where can i purchase decolgen forte tablets for head colds.?

 I've been having a lot of back, neck and shoulder pain?
I'm 23 years old and I was in 2 rear-end accidents within a month of each other (the last one was in October) I've had pain on and off but recently I've had experiencing a lot of pain.....

 severe back ache?
i have a severe back ache for the past 5 days, i took ALIVE and hot pads belts,but nothing is helping me.i also applied those icy hot pads but no use.does anyone knows what shall i do to ease my pain ...

 soma shipped to florida?

 how long does oxycodone/hydrocode stay in your system?

 Neck Surface Peircings?
Anyone else out there have them, I have 5 and I'm just curious, also my last one hurt alot more then the rest and its kind of concerning me anyone have the same problem?...

 How / Where, can I forward my infalable methods to Dr. Kavorkian?
This is no joke.I'm an retired Msgt. (USAF)Laser Tech and my compatriot is a retired physicist (molecular/optics et.al). We're both Catholic, and could contribute vastly to painless ...

 is the pain from an appendicitis mild or severe, intermitent or chronic?
does the pain from an appendicitis feel excruciating or just annoying or distracting?...

 Has anyone experienced pain in the upper arms and thighs for months? I've been tested for RA and negative?
I'm a 53 yr old F. My Sed rate has been elevated and I was started on Prednisone 30 mgs which took my pains away. The RA Dr has me tapering off and I'm now taking 5mgs and with all the ...

 What are some homemade migraine relief that you've tried? My friend gets some brutal ones. Thanks!?

 well my question is that my foot get swallow up and i get shot ting pain going up my leg and also i got this?
problem putting on my shoe. because my swallowing. any advise how to make the swallowing go down. i try everything. thank ...

 What is a " crick" in the neck ? ( some say kink )?
I dont understand what it is or what causes it but i do know they hurt and i seem to get them all the time its very painful for a few days and at times is in my shoulder blade and shoots pains down ...

Sir Issac Newton
Pectus Excavatum pain. Can you help?
I am 14 years old with pectus excavatum, and after recieving the Nuss procedure, I am experiencing small pain on the sides where the bar was put in. I head this is from the stabilizers, but I was just wondering what you thought. Thanks!

SusanS, Incognito
I am sorry you have this problem. You are the first person, other than my daughter in law that I have heard of with this. She has not had the surgery, but feels short of breath all of the time. I will monitor the answers that you get. Thanks for asking this.

Suzan K
Pediatric Orthopaedic Clinic


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