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 an earlobe problem ?
my boyfriend said there was a small pain in his earlobes so when i felt it there was some small ball shaped thing. what is that ?
i know its not like an insect bite but im getting worried.

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 leg pain?? what is it??
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it's ...

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Why has this quite affective pain killer been taken off the
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 Chronic Spinal pain?
I ahve chronic pain in my spine and the Dr is thinking of either a spinal stimulator or a drug delivery therapy. Does anybody have any suggestions on which I should have?...

 What would help my headaches?
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 Why am I in so much pain?
My ribs have been constantly hurting for three monthes now. At this point they hurt realllllly bad just when I breathe, cough, or laugh. But they are always hurting at least a little, if I'm ...

 what can be the reason for regular headache?
well friends problem which i m facing is that whenever i wake up in the morning..i always feel headache. i dont know the reason behind this but facing problem. i have to take almost 2 tablets per day ...

Pain in lower right rib cage after waking?
I'm 19 and i seem to have problems with the way i sleep at night, for many months i've had bad upper back/lower neck pain caused by the way i slept one night which has been on and off since. Yesterday when i woke up i had pain in my right shoulder and just underneath it and pain on the right side of my body in my lower rib cage (the ribs that are under my breasts or the 'false ribs' as my dad pointed out to me) and the pain is more to the side area than in the inner area, so the pain travels round into my back.
It hurts when i breathe out, cough, sneeze, laugh, move quickly or bend.
It's still hurting today and it's quite sharpe.
I've no idea what i've done.
Any ideas? Could i have pulled something from the way i slept?

lady b
you might have caught cold (pneumonia probably), so see your doctor for a medical check up

I've experienced this before too. Three times as a matter of fact. I know how you feel. It's like your ribs are broken.

I got x-rays and labwork, and many other medical tests. They all came back that nothing was wrong with me. After about a week the pain subsided. The last time this happened to me was about four years ago.

I don't know what it is or what causes it.

carol p
Could it be the mattress your sleeping on? I bruised my ribs this summer and i went swimming and the water helped the ribs heal. Good luck to you.

probally trapped wind,drink peppermint tea to make you fart

this is bacause you don't have a strong muscels or because of the freezing weather. First get a pain killer over the counter or ask the chemist till you see you GP and get advises from.

Funky Little Spacegirl
I often feel that way when I have a chest infection on the way, it could be that.

Juliet R
Pain in the lower right rib cage could be a sign of appendicitis. You should see your doc about that.

The Answer
I wouldn't know for sure but experienced similar problem myself and am very sure it was because there was a spring sticking up in my bed. Stupid as it sounds, I know but it wasn't sticking out properley, just like a lump on my bed and I think I kept sleeping on this part and in the morning would wake with a strange feeling of breathlessness and sharp pain in my rib area which as you say hurt when I coughed, sneezed or took a deep breath.

It's always a possibility!

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