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 HELP i cant feel my legs?
i cant feel my legs at all what should i do I CANT MOVE...

 Is excedrin migraine good for period cramps? ?
I puke and have horrible pain in the first few hours when I get my period! Should I use excedrin migraine? Does it work good? Any ideas?

Thanks! :)...

 help rectum problems!!?
okay yesterday while i used the bathroom my rectum started hurting... i thought i had a hemorrhoid but when i looked up the symptoms and i dont have them.. like the symptoms were pain, but in ...

 Severe back pain & no insurance?
I don't have insurance right now (so I can't go to the doctor), but have been suffering from extreme pain in my lower back. I can't escape it, at all. I've tried all kinds of over-...

 i have a bad stomach( muscle) pain. and it is also in my back? what can i take for it..?

 How to get rid of a sore muscle FAST?
I crossfitted with my brother on sunday and i had to do a total of 220 squats and I have sparring in karate tonight. It's the first time my mom is actually going to come and see me and I want to ...

 excrutiating in my belly, what is it:(!!?
i have such a sore stomach & its no where near my period its like cramp, but its the sorest thing i have ever felt ever, and it hurts when i move & breath, but its like really low in my belly,...

 Can paracetamol get rid of flem? Plus what else can get of flem?

 What should I do cant watch husband abusing his oxycodone anymore?
My husband has been taking oxycodone for 3 years now and due to spinal stinosis of the back. he abuses his prescription all the time-his been in treatment and even just got out of hospital because of ...

 Migraine help please :(?
I went to the doctors, and after years of having painful headaches i have finally been diagnosed with migraine, I've only ever had one SERIOUS migraine that put me in hospital

but my ...

 why do i still have a headache?
I was leaned far forward on my couch and my sister was trying to read what was on the back of my shirt , so i whipped back to sit up and i hit the back of my head really really hard. Just after i was ...

 What could be cause of constant headaches?
Firstly, I'm 19 years old. For the past three weeks or so, I've been having these constant, dull, aching headaches. At one point, I was very stressed about something when these started... ...

 my throat hurts what do Δ± do?
my throat hurts what do Δ± ...

 Hurt neck while sleeping now i have horrible neck plain?
Last night i was stretching when i was in bed and my neck popped and now i can't move cause it hurts so bad. What can i do to get rid of the pain?...

 Something's wrong with my arm?
yesterday, I carried my 18 textbooks from the building A to the building E where my classroom is located. It was really heavy.

I woke up this morning with both arms hurt from elbow to ...

 Headache on the Front Right side of my Head Only????? What's Wrong?? What causes this?

 Why does my bone between knee and shin hurts?
About a month ago I notice the bone between my knee and shin was swollen and whenever I put pressure on it, it hurts.. I play soccer but I don't remember hitting it or anything. Please let me ...

 Could I have IBS??????
Okay for a while now certain foods have been upsetting my stomach. Especially eggs. But for the past few weeks everything I eat causes excruciating stomach pains. It's so bad the I can't ...

 I want to drink my own blood, is this normal, and how can i do it without feeling pain?
im a 14 year old boy, and in the past few weeks ive wanted to drink blood. I know I can get sick if I drink others blood, so I want to drink my own. however I dont want to feel pain. if there someway ...

 asap need help with my sleeping problems?
I can't get to sleep ...

*gummy bear*
My whole body is sore!!! What should i do?
i had a rough basketball practice the last 3 days, tomorrow and Friday i have really big high school games to play and am so sore i can barley sit down what can i do to so my body feels fresh by tomorrow

Endure. And maybe take a hot bath with salt in it

Just rest and drink lots of fluids :)

You will be in pain until your body heals itself. Dont just lay around but dont over work yourself. If the pain is too much, take a Tylenol or two depending on the severity of the pain, your weight, etc.

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