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Dont Worry
My throat hurts aafter screaming. Help?
I got into an argument with my mother and i screamed longer and louder than ever before. I felt a strange sensation in my neck shortly after. Now something in my throat is swollen and my throat feels as if i am sick. Help? It has been like this for 3 days. I already apologized and explained to my mother how my throat feels.

Here are some sore throat tips: - use a vaporizer to inhale warm vapor to soothe your throat - use cough drops - try to talk the least possible while your throat gets better - drink some nice warm tea, hot cocoa, or if you like it... coffee - cold weather may make you sore throat worse, so avoid it Hope you get well soon

you irrated your vocal cords by screaming like that it will take about 10 days to heal , next time don't yell people listen more when you speak really quietly yelling they just block out so next time instead od yelling speak more and more quietly they have to listen to you and listen more intently to hear what you are saying that way you have their full attention more effective yes and no damage to the vocal cords

Drink lots of water or soothing, warm non-caffeinated drinks (like herbal tea). Rest your voice as much as possible. You should be okay in a day or so. And yes, you owe your mother an apology.

drink some water, go to a doctor im just trying to help. sorry, this is all i can think of

Kristian C
When you scream you're smacking you're vocal chords against each other so many times you could have ruptured or scarred something around them. Just try to relax for about a couple of days and it should be fine.

Uh that is what happens when you yell, totally normal.

You have irritated it by screaming, that's all. it will be better tomorrow.

That will happen after over-exerting your through muscles. The inflammation and pain will subside with time. For now, try gargling some salt water or maybe a throat lozenge could help.

drink something warm, and avoid talking in an elevated tone for a while. if that doesnt help, go to a store and buy a pack of halls, and take them. Also avoid arguements.

Pearl L
apologize to your mother for screaming and tell her what happened and that you need medical care

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