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 severe back pain and upper back swelling, what could cause it?
its been 2 months, my father, (in his 40s) described it was having a long sword shoved into the nape of your neck all down your back. picking up a coke can causes major pain. his upper back(shoulder ...

 Sore lump on throat...?
So 3 days ago I woke up and found this lump on the top of my throat..below my chin..and it hasn't gone away. I haven't been sick or anything, it doesn't hurt to swallow...it just hurts ...

 whats wrong? Really bad lower back pain. its sharp and shocking.?
also, i have stomach pain. ive had diarhea for like 3 days. and my back and stomach hurt really bad. im 14 years old. and its Not my period. someone please help me! my stomach hurts low on the right ...

 Sciatic nerve pain-any REAL remedies, besides surgery?
My sciatic pain started in January. I have been seeing a chiropractor, but the pain is not getting any better...on a scale of 1 to 10, its a 63, but only when I stand, sit or lay down..CAN ANYONE HELP...

 Is there something wrong with my knuckles?
I can crack every knuckle in my finger 3 times, each one in my toes, my arms, shoulders, wrist, my breast bone, my ankles, and my back. So is there something wrong with this?...

 what could cause this type of long term headache?
ive had a headache for about 3 days now. it started off really bad...lasted from about 6pm till bed. i tried to sleep, but it was unsuccessful, and at about 3:30 am, i threw up all crazy style for ...

 Help! Stomach aches for a week! What could it be? PLease help me! In mortifying pain!?
Thank heavens there are people out here I can ask! I've missed 5 days of school because of this..and I'm a straight A student who does not like to miss..and it's all because of my ...

 Constant burning, mostly when i pee?
I think it may be a kidney infection, but my pee hole burns awfully when I pee. It burns when I'm not too but not as bad. It still hurts a lot though. What is this? How can I stop it?...

 What would happen if a 17 year old took 12 aspirin?
A 130 pound female "Internal bleeding, horrible intense cramps in the abdomen. Possibly welts all over the body." WHAT are you serious?...

 Annoying stiff neck??? Any ideas?
Around 7 weeks ago I woke up with an extremely painful stiff neck which i could hardly move. Over the next week the stiffness subsided but ive noticed that most days I still have a slight stiffness ...

 How to get rid of knee pain?
How to get rid of knee pain?...

 High school athlete with back pain. what to do?
in my lower left back, near the pelvis i feel kind of a sharp pain. at first it felt like a knot and a little massage fixed it up but the next day at lacrosse practice it hurt again. it comes when i ...

 what can i take with codeine, to make it stronger.?
i just broke my arm and they gave me tylenol #3, and i dont want to take no more than two. so what can i take to make them stronger....

 How to get over RESTLESS LEGS! Please?

 Why does burping occasionally help my chest pains?
Sometimes I get really painful chest and when I burp, it goes away. Is this just really bad trapped gas? Most of the time I can't tell it apart from other chest pains. It's frustrating and ...

 growing pains real or fake?
are growing pains legitimate or are they just an old wives tale?...

 So if someone you know and love is addicted to pain pills how can you get them help?
The dr keeps giving her these pain pills and she is taking A LOT everyday. It isn't healthy at all. She already has so many health issues and I am worried and scared. I am her daughter. She ...

 How do I swallow my big pill?
I can't cut it open because I'm supposed to swallow it whole....

 I hit my HEAD and it still HURTS. PLEASE HELP!?
I hit my head a while ago. Im talking a couple of years ago.I was playing basketball this guy pushed me into the pole that holds the hoop up. I got a cut right on my eyebrow. When I opened my eyes ...

 how long after taking one vicodin can you drink? It has been 7 hours?

My throat. ear and chest hurts?
What do i have? My ear hurts(not extremely though), my throat feels sore and i feel like i have heart burn.... What do i have?

Keisha J

hmm....I've had that, I ate something that I was allergic too, which was some kind of melon.

Pancreatic Cancer

The flu most likely, however you could also be extremely hung over.


a cold

If the ear has a stabbing pain, it could be an ear infection. Those usually come around the same time as a cold.

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