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 i just ran 8km and only my calfs started to hurt, but then the next day my hole lower body sarted to hurt.?
my thighs, my calfs and my hips hurt. I am fit, its just that i never ran that distance before, and i dont know why it hurts a lot. when i try to walk i walk like a penguin becuase of the pain. is ...

 Should I go to the ER for this pelvic pain?
I have been having severe pelvic pain since Saturday on and off. I at first thought it was a bowel obstruction but then today I used the bathroom. I still am in severe pain.. to the point where I ...

 I have chest pain from a motocross crash. Is it serious or is it something that will pass?
I crashed my dirtbike pretty hard at the motocross track about 3 days ago. I went over the handlebars and took most of the impact in my lower back. The swelling and bruising is taking up almost a ...

 what piercing hurts more...?
getting your nose pierced or your lip pierced? im debating on both!...

 can having a cold trigger a migraine?
I have had migraines for years and usually have them if I eat certain foods, or when it is that time of the month, but for the past 4 days I have had one every day. I have avoided trigger foods ...

 i might have a broke arm any help?
okay i have broke this arm twice and i think its broke Again and we went to the er last night and they said it is not broke but it feels like it and ive been crying all day because it hurts very bad! ...

 why do my calves cramp at night?

 Can somebody tell me why it hurts?
Why does it hurt when I hit my head against the wall?...

 i just Took 4 ibuprofen and i feel nothing wrong with me why?
4 pills of 800MG i took them 12 hrs ago and i feel nuthin why??? i took them soo sumthin bad could happend to me or sumthin but nuthing happend why do i have to take ...

 can back pain be caused by flatulence?

 took 6 tylenol right now, and 3 earlier today. it says only 8, will i be ok?
they were 500...

 i dont want 2 die but i cant go on anymore i feel to much pain in my hart i hope i will be forgiven im asking ?

 how to make my throat feel better?
i sing alot (im in chorus and glee club) and i sing EVERYDAY! i like practicing alot but my throat is hurting so is their anything i could do? am i singing too much?...

 pelvic joint pain. so bad?
i have pain on my pelvic joint since i have my first child, when i had my second it get worst. now im not pregnant anymore but i felt it so bad everytime i get up from bed or from sitting down and ...

 Help! Me and my sister got into an argument and I hit her on the neck. She can't breath!!!!?
What do I do....

 I just took 6 Tylenol and drank, will I be okay?
I didn't mean to drink after I took the Tylenol, I just forgot I already had it. I couldn't tell you what type of Tylenol it was because a friend just gave it to me. I had 4 shots of ...

 trouble swallowing pills! help!?
Im having trouble swallowing my medicine (pills) Iv never swallowed a pill before im 17,my throat Tightens up when i try swallowing the pill and there capsule Pills so there bigger what can i ...

 I just did something horrible. Plz help?
I couldn't sleep once again. And I took my prescribed meds but I took too many. It said on the bottle take one but I didn't have my glasses on and read it wrong and I took thee. Im scared ...

 I have sometimes appendix pain?
Sometimes I have pain in the area of appendix (right side of lower stomach near the hip). It's not that often but when it apears it can last for some seconds and then it's gone. What...

 Right arm pain? Please help?
The past week I've been noticing on and off this dull pain in my arm. It's from my shoulder to my whole hand. I've also been getting knots around my neck lately, if that means anything ...

My stomach is killing me!! someone help please!?
i dunno what it is but my stomach is hurting really bad! im crying because it hurts so much. i dunno what to do to make it feel better. i can barely get up it hurts too much. someone please help me, give me some home remedies that i can try ASAP! its killing me!!

this is not something that can be left for later, it could be a sign of some real serious problems. you should go to the hospital,

If it's cramps take some tylenol, if you haven't eaten in a while try some bread. If it's something you ate causing gas then a teaspoon of baking soda in a 1/2 cup of water will help. Food poisoning? A little more detail would help us help you.

Pain is the way your body says there is something wrong. If its worse than regular diarrhea pain, you should go to the clinic or hospital now. Extreme pain in the abdomen is a medical emergency and it is not something to ignore. What other symptoms do you have? If you ignore extreme abdominal pain, it sometimes can lead to death. Where is the exact location of the pain. Call your family doctor or go to the clinic now.

Becky N
when was the last time you ate? try some juice to boost your blood sugar. are you pregnant? or is it premenstrual cramping? if so, take a warm bath and a painkiller. good luck! if it gets really bad, go to the emergency room! make sure you have someone with you

Smoke Monster
pepto bismal or rolaids

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