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My right lower abdomen hurts when I cough?
Ive had a cold for about a week now.. it started off REALLY bad but that only lasted 2 days then it was just like my nose and what not. Now im just coughing. ALOT. My throat also hurts when I wake up but besides that. I just have been coughing non stop.
Earlier this morning I woke up and about 10 minutes later I had to cough, and when I did it HURT. It was worse then, then it is now but it still hurts. Its my lower abdomen, on the right side.
It really only hurts when I cough, I do have very slight cramping though there.

Why is that though?
I told my mom it hurt my stomach when I coughed and she said it was because my muscles were sore but I just forgot to be specific in where.
It's everytime too and its pretty bad.
It hurts worse when im laying down though, like a LOT worse.

Bo D

you've got a hint of pleurisy...drink lots of water...you'll be fine

That always happens to me when I do intense running. Worry not, I'm sure you'll be fine.

lack of oxygen

You should get that checked out by a doctor.

it could be a appendicitis.

Please punctuate properly, folks
Right lower quadrant COULD be appendicitis. Equally, it could be something you ate which isn't sitting well. Drink plenty of water. Don't be too far from a hospital until this passes.

Y! Answers addict:D
I am not sure but it sounds like you might have a cracked rib. When people cough too hard, it is often that you may crack a rib, but this cough has to be REALLY hard and horrible to do that. If it continues, i would definately go to the doctor. Ask him/her about the whole rib conspiracy. That could be possible.

I was gonna say what your mom said, but you know your body best so if it doesn't feel like muscle pain then go to the doctor.

Don't panic, but just in case:
*Appendicitis typically causes pain in the right lower abdomen, the usual location of the appendix.


Really the most likely thing is that coughing has really put a strain on your muscles and abdomen. Your ribs are lined with muscles too so you may have a bruised muscle or cracked rib. It happens

If you are a female you could have an ovarian cyst. If it hurts more when you walk or when lying on your back or the side of the pain you need to go to a doctor to make surel Usually they go away on their own but if the pain is really bad y0ou need to see a doctor. I had the same thing & that is what it turned out to be. Show your mom this answer

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