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My neck has been hurting for 3 days so far and I can't tilt it to the left at all.?
I was walking on 3 days ago and I looked at something to the left. I felt a bad pain when I moved it to the left, so I moved it back to look forward. Moved my head to the right to look at another thing and when I moved my head back to looking forward again, it hurt. So I had to keep my head on my right shoulder for the whole day before going to sleep. Right now I can look to the left a little bit before hurting and I cannot tilt my head at all to the left or keep it straight upwards, so my head is on a constant tilt to my right, though I can keep it off my shoulder. Has anyone experieced this problem before? How long should this last before I can move normally?

emily a
I wouldn't go on yahoo answers for a medical question- go to the doctors and explain this to him.

yahoo fan
see a nurosurgeon not a reg doc and not any thing else. no chiropractor not even a nurologist. if no other choice see the nurologist. but nurosurgeon is best. if you have to see internmist first okay. takes way more steps that way. let them know you are really hurting. dont be the brave soldier and soft sell you problem. since this will likely ential some serious surgery and a couple of weeks in the hospital i would get all my affairs in order. ins, will, bills, set things up with a relative or friend. arrange for transportation when you are in traction. check it all out before you check into hospital. docs don't concern themselves with such details.

It sounds like you pulled a muscle. Try some muscle rub, if it dosen't feel better soon go to the doctor. And rest.

go to doctor.
if you need some professional advise,maybe you can search some professional site or forum.

It sounds like tortocollis to me...you should go see a MD to be safe

You probably slept wrong for a couple of nights. Maybe your neck was held up too high while you were sleeping. That is what's happening to me too.

bin there dun that
It sounds like a strained muscle. Try a hot shower with the water hitting on the sore part of your neck. Take your regular pain killer, and try to keep you neck loose by slow rotation downward to your chest. If in a week there is no change, go see your doctor.

Gen•X•er (I love zombies!)
You injured a muscle. Take ibuprofen for the pain and it should go away on its own.

You might want to do some back and neck strengthening exercises after it's healed, too, because once these things start they tend to come back!

mummy heffalump
You really should go to the doctor. It may be just a muscle strain/sprain or it could be spinal/disc related. Your doctor can best determine the cause and solution. In some cases, they might prescribe a pain killer and/or muscle relaxor. Perhaps even physical therapy. If it is disc related, you may need to see a specialist and surgery may be the best solution. In the mean time, you may want to try some heat on the area and see if you can get the muscle to relax on its own with some massage.

I had this problem before, however, I was severely dehydrated. I had to go to the clinic for an IV outpatient treatment. Be sure you're not dehydrated. If you're sure you're not, then you probably strained a muscle in your neck or cracked the wrong bone from the head movement. It should just go away. If the pain gets too bad, take a tylenol as needed.

yes, pinched nerve. i have had a couple, one was so bad i had to get muscle relaxers from the dr. & it still lasted more than a week. it just depends on how bad it is, but it will eventually go away, just try to rest & avoid turning your head.

Baby # 2 due 8/21/2010
yeah usually when i sleep on my side i strain my neck, maybe you did that.

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