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 Anal pain!?
My mom has been saying that she has been having anal pain which she says wakes her up from sleeping. She said it makes her feel sick and she has to sit on something hard to relieve for a short time.. ...

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any instant relief
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There has to be a doctor out there to answer this question. Whenever I wake up in the morning or if I've been sitting for a short period of time, I get up to walk and the outside of my feet ...

 My throat hurts like crazy! HELP!?
It's hard to swallow and it feels big! And it's sooooooo annoying! UGH! Please help!

P.S.: I'm already taking Ricola Throat Drops & Tylenol Nighttime Pills. =]...

 my jaw hurts should...i go to the hospital?
uhh my jaw is hurting really bad in the back..it's so bad to the point where i can't chew anything! it's only in the back left though....should i ask my mom to take me to the hospital ...

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okay so i took 3 excedrin pm's i meant to take two. is anything going to happen to me?. i weigh 160 pounds....

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 back pains mid right side an a constant feeling of having to urinate whats wrong with me?

 Why do i have a really bad cramps in my stomach.?
So at P.E i was running and half way through my lap i started having really bad pains in my stomach.ever since that i've still had it when ever i walk a lot or run and my dad and P.E teacher ...

 Lowee Back Pain?
I have a really bad pain right on my tail bone. I just woke up one morning with this extreme pain. It's horrible to sit down, and get up. I have been having it for about a week, and the pain has ...

 How do I get rid of my fear of injections?

 when i wake up in the morning my arm is numb y?

 I'm having an acute pain ache on my chest?
I'm having an acute pain ache on my chest, it is common on the left side of my chest, is this a sign of a heart problem? what shall i do?...

 why do My Bones Always Click!?
Okay Well ii can click So MAny Bones. Some All the time some a few times a day.
i can click my wrists and ankle all the time.
my Neck Both sides Several times in one. about 10 times a day.<...

 My throat hurts when i swallow, cough, yawn, and eat.?

 Why is my husband getting these horrible headache's ?
He's 23 year's old and has these horrible headache's that can make him not even know what hes talking about , it makes him get so sick to his stomach that he's throws up.We went ...

 Do painkillers really work or is it all in the mind?
I mean would a placebo do the trick for some people? I personally find that painkillers , no matter how strong , do not alleviate pain....

My knee is killing me. I heard a pop and now I cant bend it and there a lot of pain?
I was playing around and I fell down. When I fell my weight shifted to my right side of my body and I felt a pop in my knee when I hit the ground. Now I can't put a lot of pressure on it when I stand. It hurts really bad in the front of my knee, under my knee and around my knee. There is swelling around the knee all the way to the back of my leg. I just got home and realized that there is even swelling in my calf. My calf muscle has been tight all day. What could be wrong. Please anybody out there, any suggestions!!!!!!

Pardoman Jain
There can be muscle damage or fracture.Discuss with your ortho doctor and avoid on verbal treatment.

if you think its serious go call someone to drive you to the emergency room you probably pulled your joint outa place or something. but if it doesn't seem as serious i would make an appoint with a doctor.

john s
Ibuprofin and ice it

Go to the DOCTOR.

Don't rely on people who are probably 12.

You might have dislocated the knee socket,i would go to the doctor or hospital (if you can't get into the doctor,i would really advise going to the hospital though if you have to wait a long time for a dr) In the mean time try and keep it at a comfortable angle maybe propped up if you can and put an ice pack on the swelling to soothe it a bit,try not to walk on it also.

Warren Davenport
Why don't you pop down to your doctor's surgery and have him check your knee?

moony, i think it is just a lack of common sense by the asker.... but i understand what it is you are saying, and it annoys me too

Moony the Witch
Why is it that people replace doctors with the internet?

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