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 What is wrong with me?! Stomach pains since 3 in the morning!!?
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And its NOT my period

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But i dont want to do it if it hurt :/
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 Pins and Needles sensation all over body?
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Hailey-Chan :D
My knee hurts so bad I can't walk?
My knee hurts all the time, so much that it brings tears to my eyes when i walk. I can't bend it out, the only time it doesn't hurt is when I'm sitting with my legs folded under me, untill they loose circulation. I was reading up on knee pains, but I can't find out what it is? It really hurts when I walk down stairs, and thats a sign of Chondromalacia, but that efficts athletes and i'm not athletic.. I rarely ever play sports. So.. Any idea what it could be? Maybe cartilage/knee cap problems?

Douglas B
The tendons on a muscle have tightened up to give you that pain for it ends up pulling the kneecap up on and into the knee to make it hard and painful to bend and/or straighten your knee. The tendons have to be freed up to get rid of the pain but are difficult to do and are best done by one trained to do so.

Its not chondromalacia, im 14 and i play soccer and i have it. ive been going to physical therapy a few times a week for two months but it never hurts as much as you are explaining. but you could have a more advanced case, i have it pretty bad. its when your knee cap moves where its not suppose to and as a result all the cartilage under it is deteriorated so whenever you walk it causes pain, yes it hurts pretty bad but not to the point where you cry or maybe i can just take pain better, i have no idea but i doubt its chondromalacia

oh and you dont need imediate attention like everyone is saying, just go to the sports medicine doctor and they will take xrays and see whats going on

You need to go see a doc about this. Constant pain is not normal.

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