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 Lump behind left ear?
I don't know why but i have a hard (boney) lump behind my left ear. It is not moveable (i think) and it hurts when i press on it. Sometimes i get a little ache in my left ear but only a very ...

 Im on a bunch of different medications and im in pain help?
i am on prilosec, pepsid, methadone, and norvasc and i am haveing a lot of back and shulder pain. i want to know if theres anything i can take for pain, and please dont suggest me tylenol because ...

 What is causing my knee pain and the cracking noises my knees are making?
A few months ago my right knee started to make a little noise when walking up/down stairs or when extended while sitting. It was making a crinkling noise, but there was no real pain. Until now. N...

 Should people who have concussions go to the ER!?
My boyfriend got one and now he has a big lump right on the back of his head. He is having a really bad ead ache!! He was iin gym & smacked his head off of the floor, hes so stubborn and I want ...

 What is this sharp shoulder pain?
I play bass in a band and have so for 3 years. The bass weighs about 8kg (aka f**king heavy) Today when I was rehearsing, after about an hour of standing up playing with a strap I sat down and ...

 i am 14 years old and lately i have been having knee pain and i dont know why could u help me?
the pain is in my left knee and i dance a lot and i have never injured my knee the pain is mostly after i dance but not always sometimes when i am just walking around the house or climbing up or down ...

 Can I take carisoprodol (Soma) at work?
I am no way at all interested in abusing drugs, nor do i have any history of drug abuse. I recently had a head injury, visited my doctor, and was prescribed carisoprodol (aka soma) for pain. I really ...

 Is my friend addicted to pain pills?
My friend got injured last November. He has since had surgery so I know he has has legitimate pain. He has been taking pain pills since last November (over a year) and has had to increase his dose (...

 I've been taking 5 tylenols and 2 motrins at once and nothing takes the pain away from my carpel tunnel i thin?
i think its time for something stronger all these over the counter medications are doing nothing i have become immune to ...

 how to reduce swelling in the lower leg?

 hand pain from computer games! am i ok?
my left hand is feeling soar from to many hours playing vidios games and has worsen latly to were it almost feels to week to type in only an hour and a half... there is no redness, i have not been ...

 Hurt my arm real bad?
A cut got on my arm 2 months ago and i could see the bone. I put bandeges on it and didnt look at it for 2 months. (I put peroxide and it hurt a lot), and it was hard because it was bleeding SO MUCH ...

 Am I just imagining my pain? Is this not real?
Blood tests came back normal, but my hip still hurts. So what is causing this? It hurts every night. Nothing I can do can relieve it. Would this not have showed up on a blood test? Usually ...

 Help Me, I'm in a lot of pain please !?
i was riding my skateboard on the road where people walk, and then i somehow fell when i was going through a curve on that road and when i fell my bone that's located on he left side of my left ...

 was causing my stomach to hurt soo much?
its been two days my stomach been hurting i took some medicine which it helped only a few hours but today its been hurting SO bad is like a burning sensation in my upper abdomen nd my lower chest ...

 Could a good kick to the ribs, break one of my ribs?
I was in a fight with a guy bigger than me. I'm a 116 pound girl and he was maybe 190. Could one kick break a rib? My side has been killing me....

 my fingers have been burning and they kind of tingle to what could cause that?
its like i have touch a really hot pepper and it is ...

 Waking up with completely numb arm?
The past two mornings i've woken up and my right arm is completely numb. The feeling goes away in a just a minute or so. Its very strange. I can hold it and feel nothing, its like im touching ...

 i have a headache every day?
i have a headache every day and sometimes i feel a little dizzy but not where the room is spinning but like im drunk or ...

 my bodys sore, i dont know why?
So i went to kalahari this weekend sat-sun, and when i got back i was SO sore. Why.. ? cuz people are like why are you sore, you didnt do anything you just went to a waterpark. especially my arms, ...

My hip hurts for no reason!?
About every 3 or 4 months i get this pain in my left hip that lasts about a week. And a couple days ago my knee hurt too. I am not an athlete and I am very light. I don't know why it happens! Could you help me?

OK for non-traumatic knee pain the most common cause is due to either a misalignment in the foot or the pelvis. When your hip/pelvis becomes misaligned, it can take a week to pull it back to normal or for the muscles to become accomodated to the new position ( this is not a good thing). I would recommend that you see a chiropractor. I see this every week in my practice. It is a pretty easy correction to make. Also I really recommend that you call around to see if the chiropractor adjusts feet on a regular basis. If the feet are not adjusted, they can pull the pelvis right back out. I have corercted knee problems without ever even toughing the knee. The knee is meant to take the additional pressure from the feet and pelvis. I hope this helps. I wish you the best

tim g

Sitting with a leg crossed will irritate the hip, Even seated leg presses if done incorrectly. Not athlete and light sounds like you may need to strengthen the leg muscles a little for more joint strength.

a reason to see doctor, we can just guess but they can diagnize by testing . there could be several possibility.

well it deppends what sport. soccer it could be u kicked to hard, softball you slidd ofr something, track you ran too hard.. etc, or you just need a new matress.... or even your just growing... ;)

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