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 I have been diagnosed with sciatica. My dr. gave me some pain killers, but is there something I can do to?
actually make the problem go away? I don't want to just mask the pain with meds...I also have spondylolisthesis and I went to physical therapy for that, I wonder if they are related...Are there ...

 My muscles are sore, particularly...?
my tensor fasciae latae. I looked it up: http://en.wikipedia.org/ It's an awkward muscle I know, but it kills to bring my knee up. Any suggestions to help? N...

 After I eat anything any portion my throat get tight and has shortness of breath it's really scary help me?
I tried benedryl that just makes me go go sleep....

 Does any one suffer from arthritis at the neck?
if you do can you please tell me the symptoms. supposely i have that but i have really bad headaches, my head feels like it swells and when i feel like that i feel tired or sleepy with pain at ...

 If you were to have a pain in your...?
A little after I woke up I noticed this dull persistent pain in my lower right frontish side. I've had it all day, and it's like right above my right hip kinda. I'm only 15 and I tried ...

 Tramadol giving me constipation. Awful...everyday! Help!?
Using Tramadol, Ultram for pain. Miserable...using miralax, and still have to resort to fleet type enamas on a daily basis. Metamucil didn't help at all. At work feeling disgusted and bloated.....

 Please help, my finger is killing me?
Yesterday while randomly on the computer, I flicked the mouse (i've done it a lot before) and my finger suddenly started hurting. Now, it hurts a lot. Could somebody PLEASE give a a treatment ...

 Question about my shoulder?
well i do colorguard (flag twirling) and today my left shoulder is sore from practicing for the first time yesterday. Should i let my shoulder rest or keep practicing?...

 If my brain fell out would I get a headache?

 Why does it hurt to blink and why do I have a headache?
Just resentfully I was on the computer for a couple of minutes checking my email...I blink and it started to hurt to blink and then I started to get a headache or something and I don't know what ...

 ive got pain in my abdomen on the right side just behind my ribs these feel sore not banged myself no nausea ?

 Cramps!!!?? please Awnser?
my cramps are really painful i had to leave school 3 times how do i get rid of the cramps....

 Dr. RX'd me oxycodone 5 mg. and they gave me perc. 5's?
RX called mistake to my attn. I called Dr. he spoke to pharmacist and I was given perc 5's what's up with that?...

 why won't this pain go away?it's been with me for nearly 12 years?
i have had severe upper spine pain since march 1997,it came on me as i was walking in the kitchen from the living room for no reason and has been with me ever since,it has caused my life what it used ...

ok, i have a computer and i have two log in's under my name and my brother and neither of us can remember our passwords because we got it taken away like a year ago. the hints are no help at all,...

 I don't know what I should do about my hurt shoulder! Help please?
So I play basketball and I took a lot of shots and worked out hard at practice yesterday. When I got home my right (shooting) shoulder started to feel really sore and achy but I didn't pay much ...

 Why do we rub a hurt area?
When we hurt ourselves why is it a natural tendency to rub which ever area was hurt?...

 How do I get rid of a tension headache?
I've had migraines since I was 6 and since i've been taking Topamax they have been controlled. Now I have problems with tension headaches. I've tried all the over-the-counter stuff and ...

 i woke up this morning with pain in my lower right side of my side.i normaly dont have pain there ever?
i was thinking that it might be the way i was sleeping or something. and the only thing ive changed within the past 2-3 days is that i drank about 1 gal and a half of milk.and normally i don't ...

 why do my knee's hurt?
Im 14 years old and have been suffering from knee issues recently. My knee's have always been a problem for about three years but all of a sudden they are extremly painful, making walking ...

Valerie V
My head is killing me!!!?
So for about 2 weeks now I keep getting these reallllly bad headaches on the left side of my head. It comes on very sudden and at very diffrent times. About every three days is the only pattern. It is sharp and throbbing and last about 20-30 minutes. Once the severe pain subsides It leaves me very tired and sore and very out of it. The residual headache will last a day or so. NOTHING HELPS. I got one this morning while brushing my teeth and the one before this woke me up at 1:30 screaming in pain. (You can imagine my husbands reaction). What could be going on.

If the pain is a 10, like something you have never experienced you should go to the ER. Sometimes you can have a sinus infection that will cause headaches with no snot symptoms. Sorry for using that word. Do you have a temp?

GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM OR GO TO YOUR DOCTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would go get checked out there could be some sort of blood clot goin on or a summit worse, let the professionals sort it dont leave it much longer gd luck:)

Douglas B
It's nothing more than muscles that have tightened up on you but when they do they can get so bad it makes you want to scream. Here are two good methods of getting rid of the pain in your neck and back which are going to be the primary problem areas for you. Do the exercises twice a day for one week and then when needed. They should put those pains to rest for you. Do the one for the back first and then the neck: For your neck: place your hand alongside your head and push your thumb in under your ear and place it on the muscle there. Take your fingers and place them on the back of your neck on the muscles there. Press them together and hold a good amount of pressure on them. Then relax, take a deep breath an happening, the muscle going limp under the pressure. Continue to hold until the entire muscle has gone limp. Back: Place your left hand on your left knee. Place your right hand over your left shoulder and with your fingertips find the muscle next to your spine. Press on it and hold. Relax, take a deep breath and exhale and don’t tense up any part of your body. After about 30 seconds there should be a release happening and when it does slowly lower yourself forward onto your right leg or even over it if you can, the more over the better it is. Continue holding for a total of one minute. Then release but rest your body there for one minute longer. Then reverse and do the right side. (ask me about it in one week and I will tell you more)

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